Overwatch Characters

Overwatch 2 is a team-based shooter with specified character roles. Strong group chemistry is frequently essential, and knowing how to perform your position appropriately is critical to victory. Like many Blizzard games, Overwatch is incredibly accessible, even to gamers who aren't generally into shooters. Some of the characters don't even own firearms. Instead, they behave like melee classes you'd find in a first-person action RPG.

Overwatch has something for everyone, but if you want to master the game, you'll need to study your chosen character's abilities and those of your opponent. It is inspired by MOBAs in that each hero has an Ultimate ability, which are strong moves that charge up anytime you are dealing damage to nearby enemies or healing your friends. These abilities can and frequently do change the outcome of a match, but they, like everything else in the game, can be countered with good timing, ability management, and teamwork.

Characters List

Overwatch has evolved significantly since its initial release in 2016, most notably with the release of Overwatch 2 and the transition to a free-to-play Battle Pass model.

Another notable shift has been the regular addition of new heroes to the game, including a few brand-new playable characters released, particularly for Overwatch 2.

We've prepared a list of all the available characters—though novice gamers should brace themselves for a lengthy grind!

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is a damage hero. A model soldier in his childhood was pumped full of science stuff to turn him into a super soldier. His design is simple for folks who are used to traditional shooters, and it shows. If you dive into his past, there's more to chew on, but if you stick to the game, he's just a grizzled cyber supersoldier person.


After Overwatch's initial release, Ana was the first character added, giving the game another sniper. Unlike other long-range characters who excel at dealing damage, she is an excellent support character with skills that allow her to heal nearby allies and damages enemies successfully. Ana is — and will likely always be — one of the game's strongest characters, thanks to her total armament and high potential.

Like the other sniper characters in Overwatch, Ana works best when not on the front lines. With her limited health and long-range abilities, she must stay out of the fray. These flaws make her frequently struggle against characters who can quickly get close to her, such as Sombra or Tracer.


D.Va spends most of her time operating a powerful and long-lasting mech. This mech excels at absorbing massive amounts of firepower because of its Defense Matrix, which, when engaged, may block missiles in front of it. As a result, D.Va makes an excellent frontline and is one of the best tank characters that devastates enemies.

D.Va's mech also boasts a lot of firepower, thanks to fast-firing fusion cannons, Micro Missiles, and the ability to push forward and self-destruct in a gigantic explosion that can wipe out whole teams. However, D.Va is extremely susceptible if the mech gets destroyed. As a pilot, she's a fragile figure with a simple pistol for a weapon, and she should strive to stay out of harm's way until she can summon her mech again.


Echo had always been the Route 66 payload. She's a robot. A copycat robot, to be precise, because her ultimate ability allows her to imitate other heroes. It's a remarkable ability, but Echo could be more exciting. The best thing about this hero are sticky bombs that can stick to any surface or opponent. Her chassis is elegant but looks better in a less shabby setting. She's less generic than Soldier: 76, but if you want to resemble the ending of Spielberg's A.I., you'll need a lot more personality.


Ashe is a mid-range damage hero specializing in dealing with headshots. Ashe is an excellent choice for those who excel at picking off opponents from a distance, but she struggles in close-quarters combat and melee attacks. If you can hit your shots, Ashe is a formidable opponent.


Doomfist enjoys getting up close and personal with his enemies. He's a strong character with a giant mechanical arm that conceals a powerful short-range hand cannon and is remarkably durable. His Passive, The Best Defense, grants him temporary health whenever he hurts enemies with his abilities.

Doomfist, despite his bulk, is a surprisingly mobile character with high movement speed. His Rocket Punch allows him to charge at nearby enemies, doing massive damage if he pins them against a wall. And his Ultimate, Meteor Strike, sends him soaring into the air to land in a large area, dealing massive damage. An experienced Doomfist player seeks opportunities to rush unwary nearby enemies and destroy them without going overboard.


Widowmaker is a femme fatale with a dash of the "black widow" concept going for her. Sure, it's a powerful, compelling archetype. However, Overwatch 2 has more to offer. She has blue-purple skin, which gives her a distinct appearance. Her backstory involves her capture by the baddie group Talon and being experimented on to make her a better assassin. However, we're still in "playing tropes straight" territory, which isn't good enough in a game with so many oddballs.


Baptiste is one of Overwatch 2's most versatile support characters, capable of dealing significant healing, moderate damage, and more. He isn't a sniper like Ana, but he's an excellent choice for mid-range fights on maps with many choke points. Take the high ground as much as possible when playing as Baptiste. It gives you a better field of view from which to fire at foes or heal your squad, and the height advantage protects you from enemy players retaliation. Also, because Immortality Field has a very lengthy cooldown, use it with caution and tact.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen's whole toolset relies around dealing damage on foes with her deadly melee weapon called Jagged Blade. The weapon has both damage and healing effects. Each wound dealt causes damage over time while also healing Junker Queen, making her a self-sufficient frontline character.

Junker Queen's primary weapon, a pump-action shotgun, has a short to medium range but packs a powerful impact. She could be better at giving damage. She can prevent herself from dying against all odds, thanks to her health regeneration and Commanding Shout ability. It grants all nearby allies and herself immediate temporary health and movement speed.


Bastion was initially a defensive hero, but in Overwatch 2, he revamped to be more offensively capable. In addition to his standard machine gun, he can turn himself into a rolling minigun tank and kill characters in the mid-range in seconds. Additionally, he has a sticky grenade for burst damage, an area denial Ultimate, and an Ultimate combination with friends.

Despite his excellent damage output, Bastion's exploitability sometimes makes playing challenging. Heroes like Pharah and Widowmaker may take out Bastion by striking from a distance, reducing the effective range of his weapons. Tracer's Pulse Bomb Ultimate can take out Bastion, and Genji's Deflect ability can redirect Bastion's destructive fire back at him.


Orisa, a fully armoured Numbani robot constructed from trash by an 11-year-old prodigy, provides an excellent balance of defence and offence. Her fast-firing primary weapon and Javelin, which she can toss in a skill shot to damage and stun the targeted enemy, give her good ranged capabilities.

Orisa's trademark move, on the other hand, is her Terra Surge Ultimate, which sucks in close enemies as she charges up before unleashing a giant shockwave that causes immense, potentially team-killing damage. However, concentrated firepower can bring her down during the charge-up time, so you must be careful to use it at the appropriate times.


Besides not wearing shoes, Sigma is Overwatch's equivalent of Marvel supervillain Graviton. Originally a Dutch scientist named Siebren de Kuiper, he acquired his gravitational powers after an experiment went wrong, as is often. Talon "liberated" him from confinement so that he could use his abilities and scientific expertise for their evil plans. Sigma would generally be lower on the list, but the epicness points are for the bold choice of not wearing shoes in battle.


Brigitte is a ferocious close-quarters support character who loves to knock enemies with her Rocket Flail. It activates the Inspire ability, which gradually heals nearby allies and herself. She can also use Repair Pack to recover friends in bursts, and her Rally Ultimate slowly builds up Overhealth for herself and allies.

Fighting Brigitte in close quarters is difficult, but it is possible with burst-damage characters like Reaper or Junkrat. Bastion chews through her shield instantly, and heroes who can attack from afar or above, such as Ashe or Echo, are also good choices.


Reinhardt is the prototypical Overwatch tank and one of the biggest tank characters in the game. His strategy is to hold the frontline while navigating the opposition team's attacks from behind his massive energy barrier shield. He may also charge into the fray at will and launch micro missiles with his Fire Strike, which helps ensure the kill against a retreating low-health enemy team.

Because Reinhardt and his Barrier shield are such large targets, pushing as one can be risky. If he does get into melee range, his primary hammer strikes, and his Earthshatter Ultimate may do massive damage.


Tracer has been Overwatch's poster hero since the original announcement cinematic, and she has a pretty cool gimmick to go with it. Because of SCIENCE! She wears a time anchor, which allows her to experiment with relative time flow, such as restoring her condition from a few seconds ago. Tracer is the Black Widow's polar opposite: cheerful, energetic, and friendly. She's cool, but the juxtaposition between her upbeat demeanour and her kill barks like "*laughs* Speed kills!" is disconcerting. Creepy.


Cassidy is a terrifying Wild West gunslinger. Cassidy's Fan The Hammer ability, in addition to his accurate single-shot primary fire, rapidly empties his Peacekeeper revolver, acting almost like a channelled shotgun. He also has a sticky grenade that is easy to land and does a lot of damage, making him useful in one-on-one battles. Cassidy's Ultimate, Dead Eye, is challenging to execute, but if the stars align, it can wipe out an entire team.

Cassidy has minimal defensive abilities and can die quickly if his teammates do not back him. Junkrat's traps and sticky bombs are particularly efficient against Cassidy, while characters with invulnerability techniques, such as Mei, Moira, and Reaper, may neutralize the damage from his Magnetic Grenade. He also has difficulty dealing with Widowmaker and Ashe when they can target him from a distance, as their weapons have a more excellent range than his.


Roadhog is a sizeable meaty tank with one of the most feared abilities in Overwatch: Chain Hook. His grappling ability, combined with his lethal short-range shotgun blast, makes him a horror for frail Damage and Support characters who believed they were secure.

Roadhog's Ultimate allows him to unleash a barrage of powerful automatic shotgun blasts that damage and knock enemies back. He is more easily focused than other Tanks, but his Take A Breather ability provides a quick and powerful heal when needed. He's big and slow, and using his grapple requires some skill. But in the right hands, he can be a nightmare.


Dr Angela Ziegler is a brilliant scientist who developed a few groundbreaking inventions to save lives when she isn't a field operative dubbed Mercy. Her Caduceus staff and flying Valkyrie armor were the culmination of her efforts. Mercy is pretty cool for her dedication to support characters while saving lives. Her equipment reflects Overwatch's international nature. A Norse-themed Valkyrie suit, a Greek-themed Caduceus staff, and a Swiss doctor's blaster. The perfect combination.


Genji is perhaps the most complex hero to master, but he's also tremendously strong in the fast-paced 5v5 scenario of Overwatch 2. He has a double leap, a dash attack for aerial mobility, and a passive ability to climb walls. He also has a strong ability called Deflect, which allows him to reflect most types of incoming damage onto his opponents. However, you must be forceful with him, as he will perish fast if you are unfamiliar with his movements.

Genji is an extremely dangerous hero in the right hands, but he takes a lot of patience and works to master. Genji also doesn't do well against tank heroes like Reinhardt and Roadhog, and he's vulnerable to explosions. Tanks should do everything they can to stop Genji, as they are the only class of heroes that can withstand Dragonblade's damage. With his high health and powerful melee strikes, Reinhardt is ideal for this; however, he isn't the most mobile option. As a result, stay close to your tank during Dragonblade assaults.


Winston, one of Overwatch's most recognizable characters, is a giant gorilla with incredible mobility and endurance. He has a Barrier Projector sphere and leap, which he can trigger at any time to pounce on a defenseless target. He can quickly burst down weaker characters with his electric Tesla Cannon. His abilities synergize pretty well.

Winston may not be able to absorb as much damage as other Tanks, but his movement speed makes him one of the greatest at hit-and-run strikes. Furthermore, his Primal Rage Ultimate allows him to completely devastate a fortified opposing team in seconds, making him exceedingly difficult to deal with for anyone who isn't named Ana.


 So much about Overwatch's resident Master Edgelord; Reaper is hilarious. Let's start with the fundamentals. He always wears black and white, with metallic grey armor. His mask resembles an owl skull, which is foreboding. His voice is deep, rumbling, and filled with strange echoes. He doesn't enthusiastically yell lines like "Die! Die! Die!" since happiness is foreign to him. Oh, and he's an assassin that works for Talon. And he's still cool!


Hanzo is Genji's brother and a sniper. While his arrows have big hitboxes and suffer from gravity drop, he is more forgiving than heroes like Widowmaker. He can also produce sonar fields in particular spots, allowing friends to see beyond walls, and he can shoot numerous arrows in rapid succession. His Ultimate, Dragonstrike, may be used in various ways and has a lot of potential as an area denial and raw damage-inflicting tool.

It is simple to counter Hanzo. He's vulnerable up close, like most snipers, but not as weak as Widowmaker or Ashe because he can quickly fire off a fully-charged arrow. Getting close to him, though, makes it impossible for him to be effective.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is Overwatch 2's most mobile tank with great movement speed. A massive mech, driven by a super-intelligent hamster named Hammond, can turn into a ball and roll around at incredible speeds at the push of a button. When combined with a grappling claw that allows it to adhere to the environment and swing about at fast movement speed, Wrecking Ball can be difficult to catch despite its small size.

Wrecking Ball has a similar role to Winston in causing havoc. It may charge into an enemy teams backline, knocking everyone and using its Adaptive Shield to survive such hit-and-run tactics. When utilized while surrounded by more enemies, the Minefield Ultimate can be a team killer, eliminating lesser enemies while injuring fellow Tank characters. Wrecking Ball is difficult to master, yet it threatens flank assaults and pounces on the targeted enemy hero.


Moira O'Deorain, an Irish geneticist, has always been too radical for the scientific world; even Overwatch was sceptical of her work on gene cures and even let an armoured gorilla join its ranks. Moira not only has fascinating biotic abilities, but she also has a terrific flair, with hints of David Bowie here and there. Moira bestowed upon Gabriel Reyes the abilities that every Reaper player desires. He got the EDGE from her. His main goal is to support heroes as he heals allies with Biotic grenade. The Biotic grenade can also produce a decay effect that damage enemies.


The explosives addict known as Junkrat can be shockingly powerful in the right hands. His primary Frag Launcher launches bouncing bombs that do a lot of damage. He can also generate remotely triggered stationary mines and has a trap that locks players in place when triggered. When activated, his RIP-Tire Ultimate spawns an exploding tire that tears across the map and causes massive damage in a large area of effect.


Zarya has two barriers at her disposal: her Particle Barrier, which acts as a barrier shield and protects her, and her Projected Barrier. The Projected Barrier can defend an ally and provide a protective energy dome. According to her Passive, any damage prevented by either Barrier increases Zarya's primary beam weapon damage. It frustrates dealing with a team whose Zarya constantly defends everyone because whatever damage you inflict merely buffs Zarya.

Her primary weapon has two modes: a short-range beam and a long-range grenade launcher. The former is her primary damage dealer, and it's especially effective against Tanks because the beam isn't a projectile, and their abilities cannot stop it.


Symmetra works for the Vishkar Corporation, which ends her conflict with Lucio immediately. Initially, an architect employing Vishkar's hard-light technology, her talents, and devotion to Vishakr's purpose landed her a different job: a company undercover agent and troubleshooter. Symmetra is obsessed with creating order in an innately chaotic universe, which appears useless, but she manages to do so beautifully.


Kiriko is a new launch hero, and she has immediately shown to be an extremely potent option to support heroes who want to battle and heal simultaneously. She is a powerful team builder with single-target solid healing, high critical hit damage, clutch saves, and fight support abilities. She's one of the most adaptable characters ever created, and her versatility will keep her at the top of the meta for quite some time.

Kiriko has no hard counters and can often hold her own against most characters. With mobile characters like Winston and Genji, the best method to take her down is to jump on her after she performs her Swift Step. Sombra is a good hero against Kiriko since she may temporarily disable her abilities, stopping her from utilizing Swift Step or Protection Suzu.


Mei is a strange Overwatch character. Her primary weapon is a spray that slows and damages enemies, and it is best employed in the middle of a team fight because it lacks the DPS to assure a 1v1 victory. On the other hand, her long-range icicle launcher packs a surprising impact, making her an excellent mid-to-long-range sniper.

Mei's skills also have a lot of defensive utility. Ice Wall allows you to build a massive wall to halt the opponent team's progress. She gains additional survival capacity from her cryo-freeze by encasing herself in impenetrable ice for a brief healing period. Her Ultimate, Blizzard, launches a weather control drone that freezes enemies on the spot if they remain in the area of effect, which, when employed as part of a team fight, can quickly conclude the fight. She can work in conjunction with other players. Mei shines when she is not the focus of the opposing team's attention, and she can deliver a lot of damage if they leave her alone.


Zenyatta is quite remarkable support character. He's an omnic, a robot, but during the Omnic Crisis, he and several other omnics undergo a spiritual awakening. Zenyatta is now a full-fledged philosopher, monk, and shepherd of interpersonal relationships. He assisted Genji in calming down over his entire cyber-deal, which was a huge accomplishment. But don't be fooled by his peaceful demeanor; the Omnic monk is capable of causing havoc with his discord orbs and support heroes when necessary.


Lucio is the most approachable of the bunch because of his passively replenishing health, which also heals players around him. He can change between healing and a speed boost, which makes him and those around him move more swiftly. He's a futuristic bard. Both of his songs can be enhanced to briefly increase their efficacy, which helps buffer damage or rush to occupy a position.

Lucio may be a pain to take down, especially if his team is doing an excellent job of protecting him. He has no way of escaping other than via wall-riding, so focus fire him down as a squad. Crowd-control skills such as Sleep Dart make him extremely easy to kill, and mobile characters such as Winston and Genji will have a little issue keeping up with him. Notably, Reinhardt excels at keeping Lucio away from objectives, as the damage and knockback from his Rocket Hammer cause Lucio to keep his distance.


Pharah is similar to an airborne Junkrat. Her primary weapon, a rocket launcher, provides severe damage but is challenging to land on faster foes due to their slow movement speed. As a result, she can oppose slow-moving Tanks.

Pharah should spend the majority of her time flying. She can hover, and her Jump Jet ability sends her fast skyward to obtain extra height or escape a bad situation. Her Ultimate is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. It causes massive, sustained damage to foes and can potentially destroy the entire enemy team - but she's a still target and may be quickly burst down while using it.


Although he is not a dwarf and would strongly object to being labelled as one, Torbjörn certainly looks and acts the role. He's short, acts surly (despite being a giant softie), and has a preoccupation with mechanics. Even among Overwatch's weirdos, he sticks out and contrasts particularly nicely with the goliath that is Reinhardt. He's also Brigitte's father and a family man with a long-standing friendship with Mercy. Torbjörn is a cool guy.


Sombra is a damage hero with fast movement speed and quick melee attacks. Unlike other heroes, she uses her left hand for melee attacks and she can hack health packs and enemies. Hacked enemies can't use their abilities for 1.5 seconds. She also gets a 25% buss when dealing damage to hacked enemies with her passive ability. The passive also provides her the ability to detect critically injured enemies through walls.


Sojourn is a new flexible and powerful soldier character in Overwatch 2. Her Disruptor Shot is a good zoning and damage-over-time ability, but her primary weapon is what makes her so terrifying. Her fast-firing Railgun consistently provides significant damage and charges up her secondary fire - a hitscan beam weapon that is great for finishing off retreating enemy players even at long range.

Her Power Slide provides her with solid mobility and can also be transformed into an extra high jump, allowing her to reach high terrain easily. She can make excellent use of her primary weapon and her Ultimate, which auto-boosts her beam strikes, allowing her to unleash six or seven full-power beams in a few seconds. She doesn't have much health, but if left uncontrolled, she can do much damage.


Ramattra will be the next new hero in Overwatch 2. She is the leader of the Null Sector faction and a formidable tank,

Ramattra will be unlike any other hero in the game because he can switch between "Omnic Form" and "Nemesis Form." Ramattra can build a barrier for his teammates and annoy enemy players from afar with projectiles in his Omnic Form. Ramattra will expand in size, gain more armor, and have the power to tear up his opponents with lethal punch attacks in Nemesis Form. With Nemesis Form, he can get bigger, punch enemies and gain bonus armor. According to developer remarks, Ramattra's Ultimate would allow him to occupy space forcibly; however, specific details have yet to be published by Blizzard.

Ramattra will appear in Overwatch 2 when Season 2 launches on December 6, 2022. Those who purchase the Premium Battle Pass can unlock him right away.

Final words

That's all of the Overwatch 2 characters explained, so hopefully, you can better grasp what each of them can do before your next match.