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July 13th, 2020

As CS:GO goes on to greater and greater heights, we thought we’d take the time to remember one of the forgotten greats who played such a memorable part in the early years of its esports growth: the eccentric Cobblestone, who recently passed away after a long fight with noncompetitivus maximus, a viral infection.

Born in 2013, Cobblestone (also known as de_cbble or “Cobble” to close friends) was a competitive CS:GO map from a proud lineage which could be traced back all the way to the beta 6.5 days in 1999, sired by David Johnston, the Genghis Khan of CS:GO maps whose descendants include celebrities like Dust 2 and Sienna.

The abandoned maps of CS:GO

Born in Lord William’s estate, young Cobble would often be seen playing with chicken in the grass and dropping down from great height to the trepidation of his nanny. He also enjoyed spending time in the stables and drinking from the fountain after a long day.

Though biographers would describe Cobble as a misunderstood and oft-disliked fellow, he had a great and memorable friendship with NiP, who they famously kept running into in chance encounters over the years just when they needed each other the most.

It was suspected by many, but never confirmed that Cobble could never stomach the fame of his more successful brother, Overpass, however, this wasn’t the real reason behind his sudden illness. The first symptom was an acute case of vertigo, quite ironic for someone who enjoyed dropping down from great heights as a kid, which quickly turned into noncompetitivus maximus over time. Despite multiple invasive surgeries, his condition kept getting worse until his eventual death in March 2019. His ghost still haunts the ruins of CS:GO, often seen around Halloween by those who still remember his vibrant personality.