Today is the biggest news in Rivalry's history. Perhaps in esports history. After months of soul searching, millions in design consultancy and endless sessions with psychoanalysts, we are proud to announce a huge rebrand. This new brand aligns with our vision and everything we know Rivalry can become. We know rebrands in esports are often over-hyped, but this one will absolutely not disappoint. If you're blind and missed the mega image above....then prepare to be surprised with the announcement of the century. Drum roll please.... Becomes

We know… HUGE right?

All jokes aside, when Rivalry launched at the beginning of 2018 we had gone with the .gg domain as it was important for us to align with our roots in gaming. Over time as our brand has taken shape, we have become really focused on the highest level of professionalism, responsibility in gambling, and integrity in esports. Our partners like FNATIC, Richard Lewis, and Nahaz speak to that, and everything we do comes from this foundation.

Although the memes have changed, one thing has remained the same since the dawn of the internet, .com is the premier domain extension, indicating legitimacy. As time has gone on, many esports betting sites have popped up and .gg or .bet is commonplace, and often hard to differentiate. The switch to .com and re-brand to Rivalry elevates us to where we feel esports needs to be and where fans can feel confident placing a bet.

Let's GO!!!