It’s a big day for us over here at Rivalry, and it’s because we’ve worked so hard to make it an exciting one for you as well. Going forward, our offerings of games, tournaments and prop bets are going to be like nothing you’ve seen before on the site. Best of all: this is only just the first of many awesome announcements we’ve got lined up for you in the near future.

Games and games and games, oh my!

First of all, we are expanding our coverage of esports titles to a whopping twenty, with as varied titles as FIFA, Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege alongside the usual suspects of League of Legends, Dota, CS:GO and the like, plus a handful exotic offerings like Arena of Valor and World of Tanks as well! Never miss a match here at Rivalry: if you were looking to place bets on RLCS Season 8 or OGA PIT Season 3, now’s your chance to do so!

That isn’t all, either: not only are we expanding our coverage of games and tournaments, we are also going to offer a whole lot of new and exciting ways for you to test your esports knowledge. We know there’s so much more to a game than just the winner, and that correctly figuring out the nitty-gritty aspects of a match can be the most exciting part of the betting experience. Have a feeling you know who will secure the first Roshan? You’ve got a hunch about the player to score first blood in a CoD match? The first goal in a Rocket League game? Well, we’ve got you covered now with a plethora of new markets to bet on.

More in the pipeline

There’s a lot more coming as well. We at Rivalry work tirelessly to improve your betting experience by making it as exciting as possible in unique ways you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Though we aren’t quite ready to share details with you all just yet, rest assured we’ve got some pretty fine things cooking which we’ll be revealing soon™. Watch this space – and in the meantime, why not place a prop bet on Dota or an outright on Rainbow Six Siege?