There is one team in CS:GO that are currently a cut above the rest; Astralis. The Danish roster look organised, disciplined, and clinical in their approach to matches, and they are being led by one Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander.

It is clear that the Danes are dominating the scene, they haven’t lost a series since early May. However, what is so impressive about gla1ve, is that paramount to the recent success of Astralis, has been his ability to step up his own personal fragging performance whilst continuing to lead so proficiently. gla1ve was never a slouch in-game, but Astralis often relied on the magic of device and dupreeh, or one of Xyp9x’s timeless clutches. With gla1ve consistently hitting the top half of the scoreboard, Astralis have found a new gear, and he deservedly is our Player of the Month.   

Gla1ve Astralis

gla1ve’s major achievements in June

  • Astralis attended one event in June, the ECS Season 5 Finals in London. At this event, we saw a continuation of the foundations Astralis had set in previous months, with gla1ve and the boys not dropping a single map. They cruised past Cloud9 and Team Liquid in the group stage, before facing FaZe Clan in the semi-finals. After a swift 2-0 over FaZe Clan, they found themselves re-facing the in-form Team Liquid in the grand final. A 16-14 on Mirage, followed by a 16-11 on Dust2, and they were crowned champions.
  • gla1ve’s leadership style has allowed Astralis to flourish. The Danes look organised, and play with a level of systematical discipline rarely seen in CS:GO. However, far too often we discuss talented IGL’s bringing their tactical prowess and an ability to analyse situations to the team, but somewhat lack in the fragging department. gla1ve has stepped up in recent months, winning important clutches and finding the frags when required. He does this whilst continuing to analyse on the fly, call strategies, and organise his team.

Breaking down gla1ve’s statistics

gla1ve had some stand out individual performances that display his fragging power and ability to take over games. On Inferno at the ECS Season 5 Finals, he shut down the mighty FaZe Clan by going 23-11, posting a cool 109.5 ADR, and having 14 assists. FaZe Clan have some of the world’s best aimers, yet gla1ve managed to dominate, topping the scoreboard in a 16:8 decimation. IGL’s often struggle with balancing the task of managing the team, whilst focusing on their personal game, and the fact gla1ve is capable of doing both, makes him incredibly special. If he continues to deliver, Astralis will continue to dominate the CS:GO scene.

Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander is Rivalry’s June Player of the Month!

Each month, Rivalry will donate $500 to a charity of the players choice.. gla1ve selected to donate the money to a childrens hospital in Copenhagen, Danske Hospitalsklovn.

Danske Hospitalsklovn “supports infant children throughout their course of illness. They spread the smile and happiness of children and families in need when it is most needed”

Player of the Month Donation Gla1ve