Rivalry is pleased to announce its partnership with BOOM Esports as their lead sponsor.

“We are excited to be working with Rivalry who share the same vision with us in becoming one of the most well-known brands globally. We believe in the new Dota 2 team and with Rivalry's support, we will be able to achieve our dream of winning the Aegis! Together we fully believe the Aegis will be coming to SEA," says Gary Ongko Putera, CEO of BOOM Esports.

“At the core of Rivalry’s business is the esports ecosystem it sustains, which it heavily engages through media and entertainment, as well as by supporting smaller creators and grassroots communities. Rivalry’s support extends to the pro gaming scene as well. We are very excited at the exemplary performance BOOM Esports has demonstrated so far, confident that they can well represent SEA at The International. We are thrilled to look forward to a strong 2022,” says Althea Cunanan, Country Lead for Rivalry in the region. 

BOOM Esports has been a prominent organisation in the Southeast Asia circuit for quite some time. Primarily known for its Dota 2 roster, BOOM has performed well with regular attendance at S-tier tournaments in the region. The current roster, built around FBZ, consists of Tims, Yopaj, Skem and Tino with the cherry on the top being Mushi as their coach. Inarguably the most prominent SEA Dota personality and a star of his era, Mushi brings in years of international experience with 6 TI appearances and innumerable medals. The roster also has gems like Tims (3 TI Appearances and countless major appearances); Skem, Yopaj, Tino and FBZ who have appeared in majors and minors as well. Looking at the recent performances, it will be exciting to see this roster play in the near future.

“I believe the two brands brought together Boom and Rivalry, have great potential to generate high-quality, entertaining content and overall add great value to the ecosystem. A platform like Rivalry is instrumental in rewarding our hardcore fans who understand our team as well as we do. It also gives our fans another reason to follow our team very closely and benefit directly from the knowledge while enabling them in celebrating our victories with us.” Devesh Kabdwal, CRO of BOOM Esports.

Established in November 2016, BOOM Esports is a multinational, multidivisional esports organization with headquarters in Indonesia and registered office in Singapore. BOOM focuses on PC and Mobile esports with rosters in the top esports titles and are on par with the biggest esports organisations in the world. BOOM is the only ASEAN organisation to have the official publisher-released merchandise in two of the top three esports.