After unveiling SumaiL live at the True Sight premiere, OG continued to roll out their new players on the OG Night broadcast heading into the Los Angeles Major qualifiers. Saksa and MidOne will serve as the long-term replacements for JerAx and Ceb: the Finnish player confirmed his retirement while the Frenchman opted to begin a transition to a behind-the-scenes role.

A new OG

The back-to-back TI winners have just announced Saksa and MidOne on OG Night as their new players. It was already confirmed that SumaiL would take over the carry role in the side, and now we also know that MidOne will serve as Ceb's replacement as an offlaner and Saksa will play at the 4th position. "We’re very excited to start working as a team and make our new roster work together. OG is a family and even if no one really leaves the fam, we’re delighted to have a chance to build something new and start a new grind as a squad", goes the official announcement.

OG has also recently revealed their secondary Dota roster called OG.Seed, and they've also expanded their horizons into CS:GO by picking up an international team of renowned players. The new roster's first outing will begin on February 3 with the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 European Open Qualifiers. They have also announced a collaboration with Gorgc "to create entertaining content around OG and Dota".