Looking to level up your betting gains? Your dedicated Rivalry super squad is stoked to release Esports Same Game Parlays to spice up your Rivalry wagers! Bigger sweats, bigger thrills, and bigger payouts! Ca-ching! You have the knowledge! You have the insights! Now put that esports galaxy brain to work.  ✨ 🧠 ✨

We know how much you love building phat combo bets (aka parlays, aka accumulators, aka multi, aka… we just call them combos round these parts). In fact, our data shows that combo bets are indeed… very rad.

Through the power of big brain math, we made Same Game Combos, or Same Game Parlays a reality. Using this new feature, you can combine multiple bets in a single game! Watch the magic unfold live before your very eyes and see your individual bets hit one by one.

Same Game Parlays (SGPs) are a Rivalry-exclusive feature we offer so you can combine different markets in the same esports match, all within one bet! Mix and match your bet slip to your heart's content - the bigger the bet, the bigger the brain. (Scientifically proven).

How do I place Same Game Combo bets?

I’I’m glad you asked! Follow this EZ PZ step-by-step guide below to learn how to place your esports Same Game Combo bet in a single game, and start winning big!

  1. Find a match that has Same Game Combos (SGCs) active. You can tell which matches have SGCs by looking for the pink brain icon.

2. Open up the page for this match (you can do that by hitting on the ▶️ icon or anywhere on the line). Then hit Same Game Combo to activate SGC Mode (you will know it when you see it).

3. Build your own esports Same Game Parlay bet by combining two or more bets in a single game. As you masterfully craft your winning bets, new updated odds and betlines will appear. There are a couple quick things to note here.

  • SGCs can only be built using SGC mode, and are only available for certain esports (LoLDota 2CS:GO).
  • While building your Same Game Parlay esports bet, you'll notice certain ones become locked. This is so you don’t make any SGPs that are impossible to win (for example, you can’t bet on both teams to win. As nice as that would be, it's just impossible).
  • The odds will change while making your Same Game Parlay. Unlike regular combos, the odds show what your combo will total up to after adding that bet.

4. Set your stake and ship your Same Game Parlay bet! Sit back and watch the magic happen, in real-time. Happy combo’ing! 

If you’ve got any questions or queries about an SGC/SGP bet you’ve placed, please feel free to hit up our 24/7 live chat support. We’re always here to help!

What are you waiting for? Sprinkle that Rivalry hot sauce onto your favorite esports matches and see why we’re the best in the game. Bring that big brain energy to your Same Game Parlays and win big today! 


You can make Same Game Parlay bets on esports matches with Rivalry.

If you're still confused about Same Game Parlay bets, take a look below at some of our frequently asked questions.

What are Same Game Parlays?

A same game parlay, same game combo, or single game parlay (they all mean the same thing) lets bettors place multiple bets from the same game into one single parlay.

What esports have Same Game Parlay available?

We offer Same Game Combos for League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and DOTA 2 - the big dogs in the esports world. Keep your eyes peeled for other esports Same Game Parlays, potentially coming soon. 👀

What matches or tournaments will SGCs be available for? 

We aim to provide as much coverage as possible, from Gamers8 to The International; that’s why Rivalry is the home of all things esports! You can place big-brain Same Game Parlay wins on all your favorite esports tournaments and teams.

What SGP betting markets do you offer? 

For the esports with SGC/SGP available, we have tons of different betting markets for you to look at. These include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Map Winner
  • Correct Score
  • Team to win 10 rounds
  • Will Overtime be played (Yes/No)
  • Total Rounds (Odd/Even)

Why are some bets not available to add to my Same Game Combo? 

One event in a game can easily impact the result of another. For example, if Team A gets more kills, then they are also more likely to win the map, affecting your Same Game Parlay odds when these bets are combo'd. These are called "correlated parlays."

It can get complicated ensuring odds are fair and accurate when combining bets from the same game. To solve this problem, we made special bet types for Same Game Combos.

Why are the odds different than when I make a single bet or a multi-game combo?

The same reason as above. Esports SGP markets have to be built different in order to work, so the odds can vary

Why do some bet options lock when I start building a Same Game Parlay?

This prevents you from making a combo that is impossible to win. For example, let’s say Evil Geniuses are playing Liquid. Both teams can’t win Map 1, so it wouldn’t make sense to make a Same Game Combo ‘Evil Geniuses to win map 1’ and ‘Liquid to win map 1’ together. That's just silly!

Can I make a Same Game Combo across multiple maps?

Currently, no. SGCs can only be built within a single map for now. We're working on expanding this so you can make multi-map SGCs. Coming soon™…

Can I do Same Game Combos from different games?

Yo dawg, I heard you like combos… But sorry, no. Esports Same Game Parlays are just for one game at a time. You can still make regular combo bets across multiple games, though.

Are Same Game Parlays available for traditional sports?

SGPs are currently for esports only - we have no plans to make Same Game Combos available for sports betting just yet.