With The International just over the horizon, it's hard to talk about anything other than "Most Glorious" Dota 2 event to date. For the first time in the SEA region, this crowning Dota 2 event will bring together all teams from the regions to compete for The Aegis of Champions.

While it won't be final until Arlington Major concluded, several teams have already shown their worth in competing in this crowning event. Some are veterans who should step in, while others are promising new stars that could shine on this stage. 

The Southeast Asian region is known to have many stars waiting to shine on The International 11 Stage. With DPC points up for grabs, here’s how our most prominent SEA teams are going to qualify for TI11, unless further changes in DPC format takes place.

BOOM Esports

With the Arlington Major approaches, BOOM can quickly rack up points to secure their seat. They are only 174 from the minimum points to qualify after successfully taking 1st place in the last DPC Tour 3.

Even if they end up in 8th place, they still technically would have secured their spot in the grand event, although they would need to be in at least 5th or 6th place to be on the safe side.


But even with a lineup change at the recent ESL One Malaysia: Closed Qualifier, T1 failed to reach the main event to reach the higher bracket. Therefore, under the current scenario, T1 hopes to qualify only in the final election on October 20, 2022.


Fnatic is now in a similar position to BOOM after DPC SEA Tour: 3, ranked 10th with 1,020 points and only 276 points from qualifying through the invited slots.

Similarly, even if they can only finish 8th at the Arlington Major, Fnatic is already had enough to hold their spot in the grand event. At worst, Fnatic might even consider regional qualifiers.