The Australian side upset the Finns with a straightforward 2-0 victory as Aleksib bowed out from ENCE with a poor individual performance. Despite not losing a single map throughout the New Legends Stage, the Katowice finalists were flat in the quarter-finals and were deservedly eliminated by a rampant Renegades side.

The comeback tale continues as Renegades remain unstoppable in best-of-three scenarios at the StarLadder Berlin major. While ENCE were the runaway favorites for this one, their sloppy performance on the Aussies’ map pick in the opening game of the series was a fairly bad sign: barely getting on the board with a smoke defuse to begin with, they only managed to post four rounds on the CT side of Mirage. From then on, a pistol round win indicated there might be some life left in the Finns but they immediately squandered the opportunity after failing to convert the pistol round. From then one, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion as jks and co. finished things off by winning every remaining round, ending the first map 16-5.

Still, it seemed like ENCE had a good chance to bounce back considering how poorly the Renegades performed on Nuke against FaZe Clan earlier in the tournament. As it turns out, the Aussies had a wicked T side to offer on the map, turning things around from a 9-6 loss of the first half as CTs by winning ten out of thirteen after the swap. With this, it’s curtains for the original ENCE side which shocked the world by their epic rise, and a new challenge begins with suNny’s integration. Meanwhile, the fairytale continues for the men down under.

The StarLadder Berlin major continues with the quarter-finals between Vitality and AVANGAR.