The legendary AWPer dominated the scoreboard with JaCkz as the Frenchmen posted a comfortable victory against Tyloo on Overpass in their opening game of the Berlin major with a score of 16-10.

Unlike in Katowice, where G2 looked very shaky in the opening rounds of the tournament, they’ve done very well here with an uncharacteristically slow approach coupled with strong individual performances. Both kennyS and JaCkz performed very well in a game where the Frenchmen’s victory never really looked in doubt after they’ve managed to post nine rounds on the T side of Overpass – especially not with monster frags like these:

Don’t count out Tyloo for the rest of the Swiss bracket though if Summer continues to pop off like this:

On the secondary stream, North dominated INTZ on Train with a 16-5 victory.

With the upset losses of Vitality and NRG earlier today, the 0-1 bracket already looks pretty spicy!

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