It’s time to enter the Mercedes-Benz Arena as the StarLadder Major is down to the last eight, featuring tantalizing matchups across the board. The second quarter-final of the day pits AVANGAR against the world number two for a spot in the top four. Can the CIS side post another upset? You can find our prediction and analysis below.

Due to the quirks of the major system, both Vitality and AVANGAR had to fight for their spot here all the way from the New Challengers Stage, despite the Frenchmen being #2 in the world at the time the even has begun. That said, the parallels don’t end here: both teams struggled somewhat over the course of the first stage of the major and slowly found their footing as the event went on, though the ceiling of Vitality is obviously much higher. Here’s a fact that should terrify their opposition: it may have taken a while, but it’s no longer just ZywOo and NBK- running the show, with apEX and RpK finally bringing their firepower to bear in frighteningly efficient fashion in their match against mousesports.

It also seems unlikely that AVANGAR can use the Vertigo curveball to their advantage seeing how effective Vitality were in shutting down mousesports on the map, widely considered to be one of the stronger sides on the controversial playground. The Frenchmen will likely just ban out Train as well, reducing the CIS side’s options further.

All in all, the fact that the Frenchmen managed to step up their game so much in the New Legends Stage of the tournament indicates that they will nip any upset potential in the bud, and there’s a reason why every single member of the talent pool predicted their victory for this one.

Bet on Vitality @ 1.27

Odds are, of course, subject to change.

(Photo credit: HLTV)