Today, we tell the tale of how SumaiL’s legend came to be, the beginnings of the star who we now know as one of the best in the game, moving to carry OG into a new era after spending over half a decade masquerading as an evil genius.

The story of SumaiL

The pub prodigy Stormed the scene both literally and figuratively in January 2015 to save EG from the sudden turmoil they found themselves in. The evil geniuses were caught with their pants down as Arteezy and zai shocked the world with their decision to join Team Secret because of their issues with ppd, who was the captain at the time. The timing could not have been worse: the Dota 2 Asia Championships were just approaching. With 3 million dollars on the line at the event, one which would become known as the precursor of the Majors we all love to hate today, there was no way you could afford to miss it as a top tier organization. TI4 offered around ten million, which made DAC’s prize pool a plentiful bounty at the time.

In the eleventh hour, EG cobbled together a lineup with Aui 2000 and SumaiL, who was just a pub phenomenon at the time, with a few days to go until his sixteenth birthday. They struck gold with that fateful decision, and the youngster became the protagonist of his very own fairytale.

The adventure began with an 11-4 record in the group stage, enough to take third place and an upper bracket seed. This meant they would face Na’Vi in the playoffs first, who were no longer the juggernaut they used to be, but still a formidable foe nevertheless. They then slayed Big God in the next round before losing to Vici in the upper bracket finals. This loss meant a date with destiny for the side, running into Team Secret and the turncoats who they once called their brothers in arms.

Though SumaiL is the hero of our tale, UNiVeRsE’s Axe served as quite the companion, the sort of role that earns you an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for its portrayal on the big screen. Ultimately, they crushed Secret’s resistance, winning the grudge match. With that, they got the chance to fight the dragon of Vici once again for all the marbles in a best-of-five grand final. The young starlet leapt to the occasion, cementing himself as one of the all-time greats with a Storm Spirit performance of the ages.

Some say he single-handedly won the series for EG, but maybe that’s the sort of exaggeration that’s a part of every such tale in the land. One thing is for sure: as they grabbed the gold and the million dollars, it was clear that a new hero was born.

His powers haven’t left him to this day, either. SumaiL has seventy competitive matches on record with Storm Spirit and a monstrous 75.71% winrate on the big stage, leaps and bounds beyond what mere mortals are capable of. It remains his most picked hero to date, with Puck and Invoker in close pursuit.

The new Storm Spirit, same as the old Storm Spirit. Still a young hero and a plucky protagonist, SumaiL has never looked back since.

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