You have a bit of a history playing Renegades on LAN - having won against them in Cologne. Jks said yesterday he was happy to finally beat you guys, but from your perspective how was the match? It seemed as though the T-sides failed to get going a bit.

First of all, playing against Renegades is always a rivalry. We've played them for a long time. Also at Dreamhack Denver along time ago we played them to... It was the first time the first time we lost against them and I must say, they played really good. They got two new players and gratisfaction is a really good addition. I must say, he's a really great AWPer. He's punishing a lot of mistakes, he's hitting his shots, and he's a great addition for them.

Other than that, like you said, our T-side wasn't on point. It felt like we got, I don't know, it's hard to say because we haven't watched the demos. But from the feeling I'd say we weren't on point on the communication side and also from the understanding of what should've been done during the time. I think god b is also exhausted. He needs time to rest and to re-focus. We will have a needed break.

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Was it worrying that it was Train you lost to this team on? Normally that's one of your better maps and were you've staged a lot of big series wins from.

Well, definitely, like you said, Train is one of our best maps. It just wasn't there. We felt off. It felt really weird to be honest. They were also hitting really good shots and if we don't play our game and hit our shots it's very hard. They played really well.

Between Malta and now it seems as though there wasn't a whole lot of time to prepare for this event. Did that lack of preparation impact you guys individually?

Yeah that was also my concern. When we were at Malta we had no single prac area where we could prepare really hard. So basically we went to Malta, we tried our best, and we had practice before Malta, and we knew that after Malta we didn't have time to practice for Pro League. So after Malta we came here, we watched the demos, we played one prac, we tried to fix what we did wrong in Malta to make it better here. And in the end it didn't work out really good. There's always next time though.

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Even though you guys have been lacking in terms of results, individually it seems you've been playing very well in-spite of what's going on in the team. Could you break down a bit why this is the case?

I must say that I do understand the game pretty well and I understand our system. I know what gob wants from me and I'm pretty sure I just do my job right. Sometimes I have to support, other times I just need to frag. I'll always do everything I need. Sometimes I have to pick-up the AWP, I feel like I have a really good system AWP. I don't need to always make a flashy kill or flashy flick. I just take my position, take control of the map, and tell my teammates 'yes you can rotate, I have this position and they can't be here'. I do understand the game pretty well.

Other than that, I feel like I do have good aim, but aim is not everything in the game lately. The competition is really high and game sense is really needed. I felt like when I played a lot of FPL I gained a lot of experience. Because FPL is like, you can handle situations really well. Especially as CT. Because every T-side on FPL is most likely gain the strategies from their team, so they mix something together and you do gain experience from playing against so many different strats. I do understand what the enemy team is doing so I can always find a counter to it.

Like on Overpass, Overpass is one of my best maps on CT. I do know how the T's build up, I know exactly which flashes is coming and I turn around and 'boom, one dead'. So that's basically it.

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How important is that god b system for enabling you individually?

It started back in NRG when I was playing with him and I really locked in with him and understood what he was trying to do for us. No one in Germany can do what he is doing right now for us. He is giving me the motivation and confidence that he's always there and knows what he's doing and he knows what we should do. That's a really huge part. Knowing the plan, but also knowing that you can go behind it. When I do mistakes he always tells me, some people sometimes have fear of telling me that because maybe I'm a better player than them. God b is really important for that.