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March 8th, 2020

The Chinese team booked its ticket to Los Angeles with a dominant run through the tournament, only dropping a single game throughout their run in Kiev in an otherwise one-sided grand final against Alliance.

Team Aster are your winners of StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3, securing their spot at the upcoming Los Angeles Major with a thoroughly impressive set of performances against their opposition. With nothing but 2-0 wins all the way to the grand final, they were looking like the clear favorites against Alliance, who they already beat once in the upper bracket in straightforward fashion.

The best-of-five grand final also turned out to be a one-sided affair, with Team Aster quickly racing to a 2-0 lead off the back of monster performances by Sccc on Morphling and ChYuan on Death Prophet. Game 2 was over in just 23 minutes as ChYuan dominated once again, this itme with Storm Spirit in the midlane and an 8/0/8 K/A/D. Alliance could only get five kills during the entire game.

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Aster raced to an early advantage in Game 4 and never let it go, closing off the series in just 32 minutes with a 18-5 score, yet another dominant performance confirming their victory at the third Minor of the 2019/20 DPC season.