Team Secret Determined To Set Records

Team Secret have been a power roster from the very beginning. They announced their new team in 2014 with Puppey, Kuroky, s4, n0tail, and Fly. Since their inception, Secret has consistently been at the top of the rankings of professional Dota (minus the questionable roster shifts following the 2016 Shanghai Major). Today they played their 1000th game, won their twentieth game in a row, and Puppey claimed the record of the only player to play on every single one of an organization's 1000 games.

Cover photo courtesy of DreamHack, taken by Jennika Ojala.

A Perfectly Timed 1000th Game

Long time teammates Puppey and Kuroky caused quite a stir when they finally went to their own teams - with Kuroky eventually claiming an aegis with Team Liquid. Their history (and the drama extrapolated from it) has established a rivalry reminiscent of the Navi vs Alliance rivalry from the old days. Fans are glued to their screens as they wait to see which Dota 2 legend will claim victory. That hasn't been much of a question lately, with Team Liquid losing almost every single match up against Team Secret throughout this DPC season.

Liquid's record against Team Secret

Secret won their 1000th game in a convincing second game against Team Liquid at the DreamLeague Major (season 11 of DreamLeague). Secret stuck with Monkey King in the mid lane throughout the series, with Liquid trying to adapt and take Abaddon away from Team Secret. Liquid fell 0-2 in the series, giving Secret their 20th straight win and their 1000th game of Dota 2 as an organization.

Secret and Liquid have quite the history at DreamLeague events - Secret knocked Team Liquid out of the upper bracket (and eventually the tournament) at the season 9 DreamLeague Minor. Additionally, at the last DreamLeague Major in season 8, Team Secret took a 3-0 victory against Liquid in the grand finals.

Secret and Liquid shake hands

Photo courtesy of DreamHack, taken by Jennika Ojala.

Puppey is the ONLY Player to Have Played 1000 Games with a Single Organization

As pointed out by Nahaz on Twitter: not only has Secret become only one of thirteen organizations to have 1000 games total, Puppey is now the first player to have played on every single game with that org in their 1000 games.

Team Secret, and notably Puppey, are known for their meta defining playstyle (with Viper atos and guardian greaves in pubs everywhere), superstar players, and consistency. They have claimed record after record, secured their spot at TI9, and are a force to be reckoned with.

All that is left is for them to claim the Aegis.