The well-known Dota 2 org makes its first foray into male Counter-Strike by signing m1x, a lower-ranked European roster. Previously, they became part of the scene when they picked up the female WRTP roster in 2016, a team which eventually ended up joining Dynasty fe. According to their CEO, Team Secret have been actively looking for opportunities to re-join CS during the latter half of the year.

It's no longer a Secret

Though the announcement came as a surprise for most observers, Secret wasn't the first big-name Dota-focused org looking to make forays into CS:GO recently. Though its unveiling has not been as seamless as it was planned, OG's plans to build a roster around Aleksib and NBK- are well-documented. While that team seems like an instant contender for top ten spots in the world, Secret's pickup seems to be more focused on as-of-yet-unfulfilled potential. Per HLTV's reporting, the m1x lineup was previously linked with Windigo and LDLC, attracting attention mainly due to the strong individual performances of Rigon "rigoN" Gashi. However, at least according to the statement of John Yao, the CEO of Team Secret, they are clearly looking to punch up with this roster:

"CSGO is a title we’ve been exploring for the past 6 months, and we’re happy to announce an extremely promising young roster to end the year and kick off 2020. While only having spent a very short time together, this squad has shown the potential to become one of the greats on the scene, and we look forward to putting all of our organization’s resources around them in their development.