Team Secret completed their ruthless run through the upper bracket with a 3-2 win over Evil Geniuses in the grand final of DreamLeague Season 13. Puppey's men ultimately managed to turn things around after a brutal opening game loss as the two teams traded games back and forth until Secret eventually clinched a dominant victory in game 5.

DPC: still a Secret

In the end, it was smooth sailing for Secret in Leipzig, topping their group and only dropping a single game during their upper bracket run until the grand final. Puppey's men scored two convincing victories over Vici Gaming ad the event (first in the group, then in the upper bracket final) while also pushing aside beastcoast, Fnatic, Alliance and, ultimately, Evil Geniuses.

Secret wins DreamLeague Season 13

Though at least they didn't come in third this time around, EG will be disappointed in the manner their grand final ended, regardless of how impressive their overall run was. They finished second in Group B behind surprise winners Na'Vi, beating Nigma in their upper bracket opener. Though they fell to the lower bracket after a loss to Vici in the next round, Arteezy and co. rallied with victories over Invictus Gaming, Alliance and a revenge against the Chinese side in the lower bracket final for a chance to contest for the top spot.

A great Grand Final

EG raced to an early lead in Game 1 and never looked back: 40 minutes in, the kill count read 18-6, with a 24000 gold lead to show for it. The game did not go long enough for Secret's OD/Slark setup to come online, netting EG a straightforward victory in the opening match. Secret struck back immediately but it was still EG who reached championship point first. It was the third 45-minute match in a row, one where Arteezy's Naga Siren made mincemeat out of the opposition, ending with a 17/2/6 KDA.

It was as good as it got for the North American side. Fast forward to 33 minutes into Game 4, where a 18-6 scoreline and an 18k gold lead pretty much told the tale, with a 95% win chance forecasted for Puppey's men who were in complete control. GG was called just a few minutes later, as Nisha's 4/0/12 on Leshrac turned out to be a sign of things to come. Game 5 turned out to be a slow-motion massacre, the shortest in the series with a 35 minute runtime as Secret took the lead ten minutes in and never let it go, winning every teamfight in the second half of the game.