We’re excited to announce that we’ve renewed the partnership between Rivalry and Michael “Torte de Lini” Cohen, which will continue into the next year. As such, all 159 Dota 2 hero builds will remain maintained and updated for the next six months, all the way until the project’s seventh anniversary at the end of February 2020.

Torte de Lini’s hero guide project has been a long-standing resource for players getting into Dota, serving as a one-stop solution for matters relating to effective hero builds, patch changes and new heroes. We’re always looking for opportunities to join forces with the people behind such valuable content like this which helps both the people looking to get into Dota as newcomers and those who are unsure how to keep up with the ever-changing heroes amid all the updates. We are especially thrilled to continue supporting such a long-running project he's maintained for so long.

You can find more details about the renewed deal on Torte de Lini’s personal website.