With the 18 teams decided for the International 11, the team at Rivalry has decided to come up with a tier list heading into the biggest event of the year. With 5 different tiers, here is how we feel about each team coming into the event. 

Tier S - Potential Winner

The S tier is reserved for the team with the highest chance of winning the International 11. This year is much the same as the last, with PSG.LGD taking this spot. They are the strongest and most consistent team throughout the year. They won both regional finals held for the China region throughout 2022 and went all five games in a grand final with Team Spirit in the most recent PGL Arlington Major. Their battle at the Riyadh Masters also makes it more than likely that these two will meet in the finals. 

Tier A 

Tier A is split into two divisions, two teams that will end up with a high placing in The International 11 and two teams that could be the “surprise” team to make it this year. Team Spirit and OG Esports have consistently placed highly in several tournaments this year with both teams making top 4 at the PGL Arlington Major and Riyadh Masters. With Team Spirit taking the top spot in the tier, they have proven themselves by beating PSG.LGD, something that OG hasn't done this year. 

On the other hand, Entity and Tundra have had moments of brilliance throughout the year. They are also the most creative and unique teams that have performed well this year. Entity and Tundra haven't reached the heights of the other two teams, but have the most potential to surprise the field due to their unique playstyles and identity. 

Tier B 

The most competitive tier in the list, with teams that will likely make it out of the group stages and can make a splash in the top 8. Aster and RNG performed well at the PGL Arlington Major getting 3rd and 9th respectively, pushing some of the best teams in the world to the limit. BOOM Esports, Gaimin Gladiators, Fnatic and Secret, and have all had high points throughout the season. These teams were able to perform in tournaments like ESL One Malaysia, GAMERS GALAXY Dubai Invitational and their respective individual regional finals. Depending on the meta, any of these teams could make top 8. 

Tier C 

None of these teams are “weak”, they just aren't as strong as the teams in Tier B. Talon, Soniqs and Beast Coast have the potential to do well, but have not had the performances throughout the year to justify a tier B placing. Talon ended the third tour in second, only losing to BOOM Esports. Soniqs have won the North American DPC before and Beast Coast has consistently dominated the South American region. BetBoom is the dark horse of this tier, they are such a weird team that could form their own identity at any moment, and if there was a team to jump a tier, it would be them. 

Tier D 

Unfortunately, both South American teams are down here. There is an argument to make Thunder Predator in the above tier, but their tough group-stage performance in the PGL Arlington Major cant be erased. Hokori on the other hand, completely surprised fans and analysts alike by winning their regional qualifier and have yet to prove themselves in any capacity beyond their own region. Hokori have also placed third in smaller tournaments such as the BTS Pro Series. 

The International 11 will have two more teams joining the fray through the Last Chance Qualifiers which could disrupt the standings heavily. New pressures could change how each of these teams play, but that is what makes the International 11 so magical. Anything can happen.