Omega Dota 2 League Groups

The Omega League Groups for Dota 2 have been released! With no international in sight, the top teams across the world will be delivering regular dota and competing for over $500,000 in prize money. Although the qualifiers aren't completed yet, we know the groups and what games to expect to start off the Eurpean division!


  • Team Nigma
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Alliance
  • Virtus.Pro
  • Natus Vincere
  • TBD


  • Team Secret
  • Team Liquid
  • OG
  • FlytoMoon
  • NiP
  • TBD

The EU division is stacked - with nothing else to do, we aren't seeing the big teams sit anything out this summer. (Okay Secret took August off, but after you win 5 events in a row, we can allow it). Let's take a quick look at the strength of each group and what to expect.

What to expect from Group A?

If we take a look at the DatDota team rankings - (you'll have to ask Noxville exactly how those work) - they basically award points based on team's performances against other teams, taking the other teams relative strength into account for adjusting rankings based on wins and losses. Team Nigma tops Group A with NaVi at the bottom. The average rating of this group is 1073.31.

  • Nigma - 1141.57
  • VirtusPro - 1096.09
  • EG - 1070.68
  • Alliance - 1032.62
  • NaVi - 1025.58
  • Average - 1073.31

What to expect from Group B?

If we take a look at Group B, it's no surprise that Secret holds the highest position, with roster struggling NiP at the bottom of the group. The average rating of Group B is 1112.94. The average rating in Group B is much higher than A, but any group that Secret is in will currently skew that pretty heavily. Secret has won the Beyond Epic EU/CIS division with a 3-0 over Nigma, Blast in a 3-0 again OG, ESL One Birm in a 3-0 against Alliance, OGA DotaPit in a 3-0 against Liquid, Gamers Without Borders in a 3-0 against NaVi, and the WePlay Pushka league with a 3-0 against VP.Prodigy. It looks like it's up to NiP or FTM to take them down in the groups - but that seems pretty unlikely based on how they've been playing.

  • Secret - 1288
  • Liquid - 1117.25
  • FTM - 1095.73
  • OG - 1046.07
  • NiP - 1017.65
  • Average - 1112.94

Several teams have been struggling with their rosters - SumaiL has recently been replaced by Ceb on OG while EG and NiP both sit with TBDs in their roster on Liquipedia. Location and travel restrictions have forced several roster changes, new team synergies have been powerful in the past, and the return of Ceb could be what OG needs. The first matches start on August 14th - who knows what will happen?