Looking to play some music in the background as you watch the major? We've got you covered!

Here’s a great one from the late Leonard Cohen to set the scene:

How about the first time you hear Terrorists win as the bomb explodes?

Get this ready when ZywOo inevitably gets an ace with the AWP:

This has to be the perfect song for DreamEaters’ debut:

Here’s a good one if you catch yourself thinking about stanislaw’s IGL skills:

Since we all know Jame will be saving that AWP ten seconds into the round:

Keep this handy for when the first upset happens (especially if you bet on the favorite!):

Play this when you remember that this is the first major Fnatic missed in its entirety:

If a technical error or a delay occurs, just jam this for a while:

Finally, just go with this whenever you want some background music for your games:

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