Rolen Andrei Gabriel Ong, also known as Skem, is a Filipino-born player. He plays in BOOM Esports position 5 in the complex support role with his signature hero Nature's Prophet and Anti-Mage leading the team with his veteran experience.

Early Journey

Skem started his journey in Dota 2 as early as eight when he casually played the game for fun in his free time. Although as a professional, his career began when he joined the small Filipino team Action Arena and Arcany Gaming, both of which disbanded in 2016.

As a newbie, though, Skem successfully led his team into the big league before moving to India's Signify and Geek Fam team in 2017, where he won both the Malaysia Esports League and the Asia Pacific Predator League in 2018. Before returning to Filipino again to fill in for TaskUs Titans in the same year.

Visiting NA Server

Shortly after joining TaskUS Titans, Skem again offered to play in another league from 2018 to 2019, this time on the North American server with Complexity Gaming, helping the team to take part in both DreamLeague Season 10 and ESL One Hamburg 2018 before leaving for Lotac, and his original squad Geek Fam for the second time.

Although Skem successfully brought the team many achievements, such as SEA EPICENTER and TI qualifier, that year, Skem decided to part ways with Neon Esports, that same year. 

In 2020 however, Skem decided to once again play in NA with Cloud9, participating in ESL One LA. After that, he returned as a Stand-In for Reech Apex and signed with Neon Esports again the same year.

Joining The Beast

Shortly after, Skem was moved to BOOM Esports as a 5th position player and took the team to many local to international leagues such as previous Gamers Galaxy Dubai, ESL Series, and many DPC SEA series he won with the team. Won the title of the best Southeast Asian team and became the main SEA representative for TI 11.

Skem's journey surely wouldn't end here. As we've learned from his career, we expect it won't be long before he sees more great things from him.

TI 11 Expectations

After a long journey as a player, Skem's experience was something of an adventure. Having fought countless opponents from NA and SEA regions in his past, much like Mushi, with his ability to bring the team together, Skem surely would do BOOM a big favor as their captain.