BOOM Esports’ four position player Timothy "Tims" Randrup is one of the oldest Southeast Asian dota players that is still currently active today. Unlike other players, Tims has always been faithful to his region. He struggled for a long time before joining BOOM Esports and finding their direct invite to the International 11. This is his journey. 

Early beginnings on TNC Predator 

Just like most professional players, it takes a while to truly find success in such a competitive environment. Tims started his competitive career playing for smaller teams such as Rave and Execration. At the time, he had just started his pro career and was just finding his legs. He would win small, local Southeast Asian tournament such as the Mineski Pro League and would be able to play in the Wild Card for The International 2016. But get no further than that. 

In 2017, Tims would finally participate in a Major and make it to The International. Along with TNC Predator, he made it into the Kyiv Major but were eliminated in last place by in-region rivals Team Faceless. When Tims made it to The International, they made it one round through the lower bracket and were eventually eliminated by OG. The previous Kyiv Major winners. TNC Predator would continue to win qualifiers throughout the year, making it into tournaments such as MDL Macau and ESL One Genting. 

Tims would spend the next three years with TNC Predator. Even with different players he was the centre point of the team. In 2018, Tims would find his best placing in a Major yet. Along with other prime Southeast Asian players such as Carlo “Kuku” Palad and Armel "Armel" Tabios. They finished top 8 in the Major and slowly but surely, Tims was developing into the player he is today. 

His final two years with TNC Predator came along with Covid-19. Tims would now secure his route to another International run. This time, they fell at 9th-12th place to Team Liquid, the eventual finalists of said tournament. At this point, TNC and Tims were coming into their own. They won the MDL Chengdu Major, the first Major victory that Tims tasted. 

A new legacy on BOOM Esports 

Tims and TNC Precator had their final Major together at the WePlay AniMajor, placing top 8 and losing to Evil Geniuses. He would leave his team that had been his home for the better part of four years and begin his journey on BOOM Esports. Right before joining BOOM, he would also be one of the few players 

When asked why Tims chose BOOM Esports after spending so many years with TNC, Tims said that he “wanted to play with Japoy because hes a really good player”. Over time with the team, he has proven that the investment is correct. 

His run with BOOM Esports is the most successful one of his career. Several first place finishes in the Dota Pro Circuit: Southeast Asian division and even an international tournament win at GAMERS GALAXY: Invitational Series Dubai. Their top 8 finish at the Arlington Major means that for the first time in his career, Tims will receive a direct invite to The International. In less than a month, fans will find out if Times will be able to further his legacy with this new team. 

Tims is one of the strongest and longest lasting players that Southeast Asia as seen. He is now the rock of a young and talented team. A potentially championship winning team. Will BOOM Esports be the first team to lift the Aegis from Southeast Asia? They just might.