And then there were three in Shanghai as history repeated itself in the upper bracket and two 2-0 results confirmed Liquid’s spot in the lower bracket final.

Day 5 of TI9’s main event began with a clash between Vici Gaming and Team Secret fought it out in an extremely quick series as Puppey’s men took out the Chinese side in a 23- and a 21-minute game en route to a date with Team Liquid. It was the sort of stomping you would not see coming at the tail end of TI.

However, KuroKy and co. pretty much did the same to them later in the day. With this, Liquid made it through the entire lower bracket without dropping as much as a game.

Meanwhile, the upper bracket final brought us a rematch from TI8 and it did not disappoint as OG completed the reverse sweep against LGD to advance to the grand final, just one match away from becoming the first back-to-back TI winners in DOTA 2 history.

TI9 concludes tomorrow as the winner of the lower bracket final between PSG.LGD and Team Liquid faces off against OG for the Aegis of Champions.

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