The hopes for back-to-back TI wins remain alive as OG are guaranteed at least a podium finish thanks to their victory over EG in what was a rematch of last year’s upper bracket final.

Three games and three wins by the side that picked Enchantress – this was one of the topline takeaways of an exciting series where OG managed to reverse course after a quick Game 1 defeat to repeat the storyline from TI8. Both Arteezy and SumaiL went 9/0/10 in the extremely one-sided opener.

Next, it was ana and Topson who put on a show:

Game 3 quickly devolved into Anti-Mage shenanigans, ending just shy of the 28-minute mark:

No handshake drama ensued.

With this result, history continues to repeat itself in the upper bracket as EG once again falls down after taking out Team Secret in the previous round. Of course, the LGD-OG rematch is looking like an absolute barnburner at this point, a series which you definitely should not miss.

Need something to watch while you wait for more DOTA? We've got you covered: