The barnburner of a matchup between the two high-profile Chinese teams in Shanghai promised a cracking series, and LGD truly delivered, scoring a comprehensive win over Vici Gaming as they secured a spot in the upper bracket final.

Both games ended in exactly 42 minutes as Ame’s monstrous Terrorblade dominated the first (with a K/D/A of 8/2/8). Predictably, it all ended in a teamwipe after Vici’s failed Roshan gamble:

Meanwhile, Game 2 featured a triple Midas(!) from LGD and perhaps the best disengagement we’ve seen so far at TI9. It finished in a flash:

This was the first series of Day 3 which didn’t go to a third map, highlighting the dominant nature of LGD’s victory. They will meet either EG or OG in the upper bracket final on August 24th.