In a way, it was Heen against KuroKy in the day's final match at TI9 as TNC and Liquid battled it out for survival at TI9 in the last match of day two of the main event. In the end, it was a comfortable victory for Liquid, with Miracle-‘s Anti-Mage completely getting out of hand in Game 2.

TNC’s run at The International ended at the hands of Liquid, who couldn’t capitalize on the edges they’ve previously showed in this matchup when it mattered the most. The first game ended in just 33 minutes after a draft which went Liquid’s way as both Kuku and Gabbi only managed to pick up a single kill before TNC’s eventual defeat.

Even though Game 2 lasted a while longer than the previous one, TNC were locked out fairly early: though Miracle-‘s Anti-Mage deserves special mention, every Liquid player put in strong individual performances in the second game of the series, and this showing should bode well for the TI7 winners going forward.

TI9 continues tomorrow with the lower bracket round 2 matches (Newbee vs Infamous & Team Secret vs Mineski) followed by the upper bracket round 2 games (PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming & OG vs Evil Geniuses).