Puppey’s side was the only team which managed to survive the drop to the lower bracket as Team Secret prevailed in an entertaining, close-fought series against Mineski which had its fair share of throws and heroics from both sides.

Meepo always makes things interesting, and it was no different in Game 1 of the series as Secret completed a massive comeback off the back of a series of misplays from Mineski who had a 30k gold advantage at one point in a game which had shades of their win against Na’Vi earlier in the main event, except with the roles reversed.

A marathon Game 2 followed where it felt like the pressure actually got to Secret in crucial late-game situations as Mineski managed to hold 3v5 shortly before turning the game around off the back of it.

Secret also got into hot water in the decider match, and though they did manage to convert in the end after a decisive teamfight, there’s a reason why they weren’t happy coming out of the booths: they all knew they got away with murder here.

Game 3 of the series marked the first time that MidOne managed to win his lane on the TI9 main stage, and his performance continues to be a concern for Team Secret going forward. They will be playing against Infamous tomorrow for a chance to fight the loser of LGD.PSG versus Vici Gaming the day after.