With the conclusion of the International 11, Valve will most likely implement a brand new patch as soon as the Battle Pass part two ends. With so many dominant hero picks in the International 11, here are some of the changes we would like to see that would definitely improve the play experience in the next patch. 

Nerfing Wraith Pact 

By far the most important item at the International 11 was the Wraith Pact. The item reduced any incoming damage by 30% in a very large AOE. This meant that many teams were able to abuse heroes with a lot of summons in order to push very fast. Tundra Esports, the winners of the International 11 focused on heroes such as Beastmaster and Visage in order to push very fast and maintain map control. The problem is that a lot of games come down to which team can take advantage of the Wraith Pact item better and snowball a game. Paired with items like Mage Slayer and Pipe of Insight, the winning team was nearly unkillable. 

Leshrac and Bloodstone 

Leshrac was a new type of terror that was discovered in the middle of the tournament. The reason the hero had a 57% win rate throughout the tournament was that it was the best Bloodstone roster compared to any other hero. Bloodstone’s active Bloodpact, gives Leshrac everything he wants. It allows Leshrac to stay alive with 2.5x spell lifesteal and a percentage of any damage that Leshrac did was converted into mana, which allowed him to cast even more spells. 

Michał “Nisha” Jankowski was the best Leshrac player at the tournament and perfected a style of farming that allowed him to get Bloodstone consistently at the 13-14 minute mark. It would allow Secret to win almost any fight at that point in time. He would get a BKB next and with the Bloodpact, would be nearly invulnerable in fights. Bloodstone active definitely needs to be tuned down to the next patch. 

Marci still needs to be nerfed 

Despite having a stun removed from her kit, Marci was as strong as ever at The International 11. She was featured in 223 out of the 230 matches at the International, with a 96.5% contest rate, which means she was either picked or banned in all of those drafts according to spectral.gg

A lot of the problems with Marci stem from the fact that she can be played at almost any position. Roman “Resolution” Fominok consistently played the hero in the offlane and most of the tournament played her as a support. She can be picked early in the draft with almost no issues, and can be flexed to both positions. Her largest advantage is that Rebound as a spell is incredibly difficult to react to, and combined with Dispose, can immediately displace a target and take them out. Her range of initiation is too large. Hopefully Valve reduces the speed and length of Rebound next patch. 

While there is still a month left till the next patch will drop on us, perhaps you can use these strategies in your own pubs in order to gain free MMR! Any of these strategies are proven by the best players in the world and will definitely work against your average opponent.