Featuring some of the best teams from Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North America Gamers Galaxy: Dubai Invitational 2022 concludes with BOOM Esports coming out as the champion after they managed to defeat Tundra Esports in the Grand Final.

Taking it to the distance with a 3-2 Score, not only did BOOM secure the top spot, but also managed to defeat some of the best teams throughout the event, beating other regions’ champions and TI winners. At the end, BOOM Esports’ scorecard revealed a  2-0 against Team Secret, 2-0 against Team Spirit, and 2-1 against Nigma Galaxy from the lower bracket to the Grand Final.

Here are BOOM Esports top five plays from the Gamer Galaxy: Dubai Invitational 2022:

1. “How did He Know?”

In the second game against Team Secret, at minute 15 of the game, Fbz did the unimaginable with his Mars arrow, spotting Nisha in the dark, despite having no info of him being there, enabling his teammates to spot Team Secret hiding in the tree.

But unfortunately for them, BOOM Esports squad is locked and ready to blast a combo for Team Secret in an instant, giving them no time to escape or do some proper counterplay.

2. “Triangle Assault”

In the second game against Team Secret at minute 23 of the game, using his root, Yopaj’s Ember Spirit manages to open a chance to Tims’s Tidehunter and JaCkky’s Wraith King to go in and dealt some damage to TSM Templar Assassin and Dragon Knight, even though both of them manages to run using BKB and TP, but DOOM’s leaves as the for BOOM Esports as Skem’s Weaver and Fbz’s Viper continue the attack.

Team Spirit are left trapped in the fountain as their defense collapses from the fight.

3. We Don’t Run, We Are Friends

In the final game against Tundra Esports, in minute 23,  After Yopaj and Fbz successfully catch an opening in Tundra's defenses while running to the hard dire position, the rest of the team also successfully backed up both of them, turning the situation much more favorable to BOOM’s, awarding a 4k gold lead for BOOM at the end of the fight.

Because of that, BOOM Esports once again secured a clean fight for them by taking Tundra players one by one.

4. Combos On Point

In their first match against Team Secret, once again BOOM’s manages to deliver a fantastic combo from Yopaj, Skem, and Tims all at the same time, on minute 36 of the game, taking down 4 of Team Secret’s players on the spot.

Giving more advantage to BOOM while at 26-19 score gap, forcing Secret to retreat back to save their losses. At the time, BOOM also successfully secured their first tower.

5. Mid-lane Mayhem

In their match against Nigma Galaxy, even though Miracle manages to spot BOOM’s team first at the mid, BOOM Esports reversed the situation for them as Fbz executed an opening blow and left 4 of Nigma’s heroes dead.

Taking much-needed gold and exp, the clash left only Miracle alive to tell the tale. This time, on-point coordination between BOOM Esports’ players won them the match.

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