Tank engage supports are out, and healing utility supports are in. With Moonton giving a bevy of buffs to some of the game’s most potent supports, picking up and learning some of these heroes could be just what you need to reach Mythical Glory. A handful of assassins, tanks, mages, and marksmen also received some buffs, so read on to find out which heroes to look out for in your next ranked game.



With her Ultimate, Circling Eagle, receiving adjustments to how her flight path works, players will now find it a bit easier to pilot (pun intended) the Swift Plume in battle. With an additional knock-up effect added, she becomes an additional engage tool for your team as well. 


With a pretty significant buff to Holy Healing and Holy Baptism, Rafaela becomes a much more potent support for your team. A purifying effect is added to her Skill 2, clearing slow effects and denying other slow effects for 1.5 seconds. The speed boost portion now scales with her Magic Power, and the heal also has a higher Magic Power scaling now. For her Ultimate, the time between Holy Light casts has been decreased.


Estes’ healing has been adjusted, and while his base numbers are down, the Magic Power scaling has been increased significantly. This could lead to new MP-focused builds in terms of items and Emblems, especially with the new revamped Emblem system.


The poster child of the “nice one, baby” meta, Angela also receives buffs to her Magic Power scaling on her abilities.


A few assassins also received some slight buffs, getting some power back to enable their carry diving potential. Julian's passive, Smith's Legacy, gets reduced cooldown, going from 10-6.5 seconds to 9-6 seconds. Benedetta 's Phantom Slash deals more damage and gets a lower cooldown in the later levels. Finally, Aamon's Ultimate, Endless Shards, gets increased range.


Tanks weren't completely forgotten from this patch, as a handful got some buffs as well. Akai gets a bit of a higher shield on his passive along with some more damage, and a stronger Body Slam should prove more potent in engaging team fights. Barats' skills both have reduced mana costs, allowing him to jungle and clear waves more effectively without relying too much on Purple Buff. Baxia's stun lasts longer, albeit on a bit of a higher cooldown. And Minotaur gains HP Regen bonus from Magic Power.


Luo Yi could be a suprise sleeper pick to compete with other mages, because now his passive, Duality, now grants up to a 50% speed boost, up from 30%, enabling him to be more mobile and catch up with other heroes. With his Dispersion skill also gaining a higher base damage and more Magic Power scaling, his wave clear becomes more effective as well. Another rarely-picked midlaner, Cyclops also gets a bit more power in his wave clear efficacy, with a lower cooldown and mana cost on Stardust Shockwave. His Planets Attack speed boost also gets a similar treatment, going from 30% for 2 seconds, to 50% that decays over 2 seconds.


The Icefield Companions Popol and Kupa receives some pretty big buffs when it comes to their jungle capability, with extra damage against creeps on their passive, We Are Friends, and lower cooldown for their two basic skills. For the more traditional marksmen, Melissa gets a higher attack speed boost on her first skill, going from 35%-75% to 50%-75%. Ixia gets an adjustment on her Ultimate ability, Full Barrage, so that it is more powerful and safer to cast, as well as being able to basic attack amd use Siphon Starlium while using her Ultimate.

If you’ve been following any of the professional MPL leagues in any region, you’ll find some of these heroes have popped up or have been seeing higher pick and ban rates. With this big shift in meta and the playoffs coming soon for some of these leagues, expect things to shake up and see different results for the teams.

For the casual players like us, try out any of these MLBB heroes in your next ranked game and let us know how you did!