Best 5 Clips from MDL Macau Day 1

MDL Macau launched with top teams playing all out on a brand new patch. Did you miss the Day 1 action? Check out the top 5 clips plays from the dirst day of play and catch up with all of the MDL Macau action!

#5: Rikimaru comes for you. EG vs Vici Gaming

#4: Is it scary to play against no one? EG vs VP

#3: Extreme Team Videos. During the break

#2: The new ult of invincibility. Ehome vs Team Liquid

#1: They're all dead! Eg vs Newbee

Coming up for MDL

Another day of round robin bo1s await to determine the seeding for the MDL playoff brackets. EG hold the lead at 3-1 so far, with Invictus Gaming yet to pick up a win (0-3).

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