We are thrilled to have the opportunity to explore a relationship with Travis Gafford, one of the most beloved (and handsome) guys within the League of Legends community.

Before we get too deeply involved, we both decided it'd be ideal to test the waters. Both parties understand that there's a lot skepticism surrounding the legitimacy of esports betting. And rightfully so. It's hard to have a few weeks go by without hearing about some sort of shady business, scam, or drama.

Enter Rivalry. That's one of the reasons we exist. We are focused on bringing some legitimacy to a shady industry. We want to provide fans with safe, trusted way to be able to bet a few dollars on a match.

Travis Turns to His Fans

We both wanted to make sure that Travis' fans would be okay with him promoting a betting site. What better way to do this than just to ask? In the video below, he poses the question to his fans.

We hope Travis and his fans are into supporting our efforts to create a trusted place to bet. If the response is positive, then we'll be able to toss him a few bucks to support him and his efforts!

Bet on League of Legends Matches

If you're interested in betting on some League of Legends matches, head over to this page to snag a free $1.50 to bet with. Beware, the background is tiled with Travis' beautiful head.