Recently, a bug related to the display of odds for open bets was discovered. This was reported by several users and we want to provide clarity on the issue, share some insight on the betting process, how the issue occurred, and when it will be fixed.

What REALLY happened?

Open bets displayed outdated odds values in our user interface, both in the Bet Slip and Bet History page. After investigation, we determined that there was a bug related to the "Auto accept odds changes" feature. Only players who have selected this option would have experienced this display bug.

When placing bets with this feature, our system will store both the odds shown to the user (outdated) and the real time updated odds. Unfortunately, the outdated odds were shown to users for open bets. When the bet settled (using the correct odds), the outdated odds were discarded and the correct odds were shown in the settled bet history. This caused legitimate confusion for some users because it looked like the odds had changed.

What happens when I place a bet anyway?

This is a great opportunity to provide insight on what happens in our system when a bet is placed.

After a bet is added to your Bet Slip, we are constantly checking for updates to ensure we provide the most up to date information on the match. If odds change, we notify you in our bet slip user interface. If you enable Auto accept odds changes, the changes will be automatically accepted and displayed to you.

At the time the bet is placed (when you click the bet button), we perform internal checks to verify the risk of the bet is acceptable and compare it to the latest, most up to date odds. Often, and mostly for live betting, the odds for a match/market may update quite rapidly. In order to prevent the rejection and re-submitting of bets in these cases, you can choose to 'Auto accept odds changes'. This ensures the bet is placed before the opportunity is missed and the market closes.

If the bet is accepted, you're notified in the interface and the bet appears in your history as open. This is where the issue with displaying incorrect odds occurred. At the time we received the updated and correct odds when the bet was placed, we failed to update you. Your bet may have displayed incorrect odds from a time prior to the bet being placed. And we're really sorry about that.

When will this be fixed?

A fix for the issue has been released and we are no longer displaying incorrect odds for open bets. When we receive updated odd information at the time the bet is placed, it will be displayed to the player in their Bet Slip and Bet History.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused and appreciate your patience while we fixed the issue.