Updated on 28th February, 2023 to reflect the current standings and schedule.

VCT LOCK//IN Brazil will be kicking off a special one-off event on February 13 as the first competition of the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour.

This is the first year of this event, and it gathers 30 partner teams from three international leagues: EMEA, Pacific, and Americas. There are also two Chinese-invited squads for a grand total of 32 competing teams.

There is a whopping prize pool of USD $500,000 at stake, as all 32 teams compete to win the lion's share of $100,000 awarded for first place. The winner of this event will also earn its representative region an additional slot in Masters 2023 Tokyo.

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil is set to be the biggest Valorant esports event so far, with Riot Games confident that it will be a huge success. Here's everything fans need to know.

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil: Venue And Match Format

VCT LOCK//IN Brazil will kick off on February 13, running until March 4. The venue for this highly-anticipated competition will be held at Ginásio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo.

This grand arena has hosted many competitive esports events in the past, including the LATAM last-chance qualifier for Valorant Champions 2022.

The 10,000 seat-arena is sure to be filled to capacity as Riot Games anticipate that VCT 2023 LOCK//IN will be a ground-breaking milestone in Valorant history.

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil Format

All 32 participating teams are placed in a brutal single-elimination bracket gauntlet to accommodate the large number of participating teams in the tournament. The first three rounds are played in a best-of-three format.

The best teams in the semi-finals and grand final will battle in intense best-of-five skirmishes to end the tournament with a bang.

Riot Games have used a randomizing process to maximize the number of inter regional encounters. The 32 teams have been split into two groups of 16, evenly distributed across two brackets, Alpha and Omega, to promote inter regional matches. Here are what the match-ups look like:

  • EMEA Vs. Pacific: 5 match-ups
  • Pacific Vs. Americas: 5 match-ups
  • Americas Vs. EMEA: 4 match-ups
  • China Vs. Americas: 1 match-ups
  • China Vs. EMEA: 1 match-ups

Following this inaugural VCT LOCK//IN event, teams will return to their respective region and compete in the International Split League, running from March 26 until May 23. These will be played in their LAN environments in the following cities:

  • EMEA - Berlin, Germany
  • Asia-Pacific - Seoul, South Korea
  • Americas - Los Angeles, USA

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil: Where To Watch

VCT 2023 Lock//In Brazil will be broadcast live on Riot Games official YouTube and Twitch channels.

In partnership with Rivalry, popular Canadian streamer and pro-Valorant player Wardell, who previously played for Version1, will be sharing his knowledge of the competitive scene throughout the VCT 2023 tournaments with some scheduled livestreams. Valorant fans can catch Wardell on his Twitch channel embedded below.

With the #WinWithWardell campaign, Valorant fans can level up their own playing/betting experiences by learning from a professional player with first-hand experience.

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil: Competing Teams

For VCT 2023 LOCK//IN, Riot Games will feature 30 partner teams from international regions, including: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Pacific (Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, South Asia and Oceania) and the Americas (North America, Latin America, and Brazil).

Riot has also announced two Chinese-invite teams, FunPlus Phoenix and EDward Gaming.

Here are the current rosters for all 32 teams competing in the VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil event and all the players.


BBL - AsLanM4shadoW, Turko, QuotinerX, Brave, SouhcNi, aimDLL

Fnatic - Boaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle, kamyk

FUT - mojj, qw1, MrFaliN, Muj, qRaxs, ATA KAPTAN

Giants - Fit1nho, hoody, Cloud, rhyme, nukkye

KCorps - ScreaM, Nivera, xms, Shin, Newzera

KOI - koldamenta, Sheydos, trexx, Wolfen, starxo

NAVI - ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan, SUYGETSU, cNed

Heretics - keloqz, Boo, Mixwell, zeek, AvovA

Liquid - soulcas, Jamppi, nAts, Redgar, Sayf, dimasick

Vitality - ceNder, BONECOLD, MOLSI, Destrian, Twisten

VCT Pacific Teams

DetonatioN Gaming - Suggest, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Seoldam, takej

DRX - stax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo, Zest, Foxy9

Gen.G - Meteor, k1Ng, iNTRO, TS, eKo, Secret

Global Esports - AYRIN, T3xture, WRONSKI, Bazzi, Monyet, SkRossi, Lightningfast

Paper Rex - f0rsakeN, Benkai, mindfreak, Jinggg, d4v41

RRQ - EJAY, 2ge, Emman, Tehbotol, fl1pzjder, Lmemore

T1 - ban, xeta, Munchkin, Sayaplayer, BeomJun, Carpe

Talon - Crws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, jitboyS

Team Secret - BORKUM, Jremy, DubsteP, JessieVash, invy, lenne

ZETA DIVISION - Laz, crow, Dep, TENNN, SugarZ3ro, barce

VCT Americas Teams

100 Thieves - Asuna, bang, stellar, Derrek, Cryocells

Cloud9 - leaf, Xeppaa, vanity, yay, Zellsis, qpert

Evil Geniuses - C0M, Boostio, jawgemo, BcJ, Ethan, Reformed, Apotheon

FURIA - qck, mwzera mazin, dgzin, Khalil, kon4n

KRU - NagZ, Klaus, xand, Daveeys, Melser, axeddy

Leviatan - kiNgg, Tacolilla, Shyy, Nozwerr, Mazino, keznit

LOUD - aspas, Saadhak, Less, cauanzin, tuyz

MIBR - jzz, frz, heat, Murizz, rglm, txozin

NRG - s0m, FNS, crashies, victor, ardiis, Thwifo

Sentinels - TenZ, zekken, Sacy, paNcada, dephh, SicK

VCT Chinese Invites

EDward Gaming - Haodong, CHICHOO, nobody, ZmjjKK, Smoggy

FunPlus Phoenix - AAAAY, BerLIN, TZH, WudiYuChEn, Yuicaw, OMEGA

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil: Schedule

The full schedule for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil tournament is detailed below. All times listed are in PT.

The top four teams will advance to the final stage and play in the exciting semi-finals and Grand Finals.

Alpha Matches - February 13 to February 19

Day 1 (Feb 13)

  • 9AM - KOI Vs. NRG
  • 12PM - Detonation Vs. Giants
  • 3PM - Gen.G Vs. Loud

Day 2 (Feb 14)

  • 9AM - FPX Vs. KCORP
  • 12PM - BBL Vs. DRX
  • 3PM - Cloud 9 Vs. Paper Rex

Day 3 (Feb 15)

  • 9AM - Heretics Vs. Evil Geniuses
  • 12PM - MIBR Vs. Talon
  • 3PM - Gen.G Vs. LOUD

Day 4 (Feb 17)

  • 9AM - Round of 16 - NRG Vs. Giants
  • 12PM - Round of 16 - LOUD Vs. KCorp

Day 5 (Feb 18)

  • 9AM - Round of 16 - DRX Vs. Cloud9
  • 12PM - Round of 16 - Evil Geniuses Vs. Talon

Day 6 (Feb 19)

  • 9AM - Quarter-finals - NRG Vs. Loud
  • 12PM - Quarter-finals - DRX Vs. Talon

Omega Matches - February 22 to February 27

Day 7 (Feb 22)

  • 9AM - Liquid Vs. Secret
  • 12PM - NAVI Vs. KRÜ
  • 3PM - ZETA Vs. Leviatán

Day 8 (Feb 23)

  • 9AM - Vitality Vs. Global Esports
  • 12PM - FUT Vs. RRQ
  • 3PM - 100 Thieves Vs. EDG

Day 9 (Feb 24)

  • 9AM - Sentinels Vs. Fnatic
  • 12PM - T1 V.s FURIA

Day 10 (Feb 25)

  • 9AM - Round of 16 - Team Secret Vs. NAVI
  • 12PM - Round of 16 - Levitan Vs. Vitality

Day 11 (Feb 26)

  • 9AM - Round of 16 - 100 Thieves Vs. FUT
  • 12PM - Round of 16 - Fnatic Vs. FURIA

Day 12 (Feb 27)

  • 9AM - Quarter-finals - NAVI Vs. Levitan
  • 12PM - Quarter-finals - Fnatic Vs. 100 Thieves

Final Stages - March 2 - March 4

Day 1 (Mar 2)

  • 9AM - Semi-finals - LOUD Vs. DRX

Day 2 (Mar 3)

  • 9AM - Semi-finals - NAVI Vs. Fnatic

Day 3 (Mar 4)

  • 9AM - Grand Final - TBD

VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil: Current standings:

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. TBD
  5. 100 Thieves
  6. Leviatan
  7. Talon
  8. NRG
  9. FURIA
  10. FUT Esports
  11. Team Vitality
  12. Team Secret
  13. Evil Geniuses
  14. Karmine Corp
  15. Giants
  16. Cloud 9
  17. T1
  18. Sentinels
  19. EDG
  20. RRQ
  21. Global Esports
  22. ZETA Division
  23. KRU Esports
  24. Liquid
  25. Gen.G
  26. MIBR
  27. Heretics
  28. Paper Rex
  29. BBL
  30. FunPlus Phoenix
  31. DetonatioN
  32. KOI

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