As we tirelessly work on ways to provide you with kickass esports betting opportunities, sometimes we realize that we need to bulldoze a few things to make room for even better new stuff. That’s why we’re ending our VIP program today: we have even more awesome things coming up for you on the horizon.

We’ve answered your most burning questions about the matter below – but if you have anything else in mind, feel free to hit us up!

Why are you ending the VIP program?

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that the VIP program doesn’t allow us to reward you for your loyalty as much as we’d like to, therefore we began developing a much better alternative which we’re looking forward to reveal in the near future.

Does this affect your other offerings?

No, every other Rivalry program and betting offer (including the Thunderdome) is available to you to spice up your esports experience!

What’s going to happen with my incomplete missions?

All unredeemed rewards will be automatically credited to you balance but you won’t be able to complete the missions you haven’t finished yet.

What’s next for Rivalry’s rewards programs?

We’re working on even more awesome things for you which will more than make up for this change. Our goal is to create a more involved, gamified, progressive program that will better reward users for being loyal players. We’ll let you know more as soon as we’re ready.