The team here at Rivalry are super excited to finally bring you the new and improved Rivalry betting experience!  It’s our mission, nah our calling, to make Rivalry to be the absolute best place to bet on esports and sports. 

Over the past few months, we’ve been listening closely to your feedback and suggestions. It inspired us to completely rebuild our site from the ground up to create a betting experience centered around you, the player.  

So what’s new? And what cool new stuff is coming soon? I’m glad you asked!

We’ve gone dark!

We’ve gone dark!

Yes, It's finally time. The sun sets and the black moon rises. Darkness is my father, sorrow is my mother.  All is cast in shadow for this is the beginning of the endless night. Tremble! Dark mode, o dark mode has risen. 

We heard you loud and clear! The #1 most requested feature is finally here. Introducing Dark mode for Rivalry’s Bet Centre (More dark pages coming soon™).  No more getting flashbanged every time you want to check on one of your bets. So turn the lights down low, lean back in your chair, and embrace the darkness.

Gotta go fast

Faster, Smarter, Better

Speed matters. And we’ve made a few improvements to make sure you can find what you’re looking for even faster! 

1. Our new search is faster and smarter than ever which will allow you to find a specific game, team, tournament or event like POW!

2. Not sure what to bet on? Not sure what’s hot? Just check out the new Popular tab to find out what people are excited about. 

3. Fewer locked matches! We know it sucks to go to place a bet on a live game, only to see that annoying little LOCK icon.  We’ve made some big improvements to keep matches open for betting longer and cut down on the number of locked matches. 

Coming Soon™ 

You think this is it?  Oh no, no, no. This is just the beginning of the new and improved Rivalry. We’ve got some really awesome new features just around the corner.  Here's a sneak peak of what you will see added in the coming weeks:

  • Improved Live Betting. We’ve heard your feedback, and we agree that the live betting experience on Rivalry just wasn’t quite delivering the maximum thrill. We are working on an entirely new section of the site dedicated to live betting.
  • Cash out your bets early. If your teams ahead, why wait until the end of the match? Cash out now and get your winnings early. Maybe your team is inting, and you just want out of your bet. No problem! Cash out early and you won’t lose your entire stake. 
  • New match pages. We are working on some big improvements to our match pages to give you more information and create a more seamless experience. 
  • Outright Betting. Want to bet on who will win the entire tournament or season? Soon you will be able to, with the long awaited return of Outright betting.
  • Battle Royal Betting. Some of the world’s most popular battle royal games will soon drop on Rivalry. 
  • And much much more coming soon to a Rivalry near you!