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April 27th, 2020

Dota esports never stops, and WePlay!'s Pushka League features some of the top European and CIS Dota teams fighting for their share of a $250 000 prize pool in a double-division competition with a deep format. Here are the teams and the tournament schedule.

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WePlay! Pushka League - playoffs teams and schedule
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WePlay! Pushka League teams

Division 1 - Europe

  • Team Secret (direct invite)
  • Team Nigma (direct invite)
  • OG (direct invite; W1sh- and Ceb stand in for Topson and MidOne)
  • Team Liquid (direct invite)
  • Alliance (direct invite; 33 and Fata replaced by s4 and fng)
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (direct invite; ex-Chicken Fighters roster)
  • OG Seed (EU Qualifier)

Division 1 - CIS

  • Natus Vincere (direct invite)
  • (direct invite; iLTW and nongrata replaced by DyrachYO and AfterLife in the roster; iLTW plays as stand-in for Cooman)
  • B8 (direct invite; pio65 replaced by Excalibur on March 27)
  • HellRaisers (direct invite)
  • FlyToMoon (direct invite; replacing Gambit Esports)
  • Team Spirit (direct invite)
  • VP.Prodigy (CIS Qualifier)

Division 2 - Europe

  • (EU Qualifier)
  • Yolo Knight (EU Qualifier; replacement for Chicken Fighters after they were signed by NiP)
  • Aggressive Mode (EU Qualifier)
  • Kill Steal Commando (EU Open Qualifier)

Division 2 - CIS

  • Team Empire Hope (CIS Qualifier)
  • Cyber Legacy (CIS Qualifier)
  • NOVA (CIS Open Qualifier)

WePlay! Pushka League schedule

Division 1

Group stage: April 23-May 6 (round robin, best of three, top four advance to playoffs, bottom two are relegated to Division 2)

Playoffs: May 7-11 (double-elimination, best of three, best of five grand finals)

Division 2

Group stage: April 23-May 4 (round robin, best of three, group winners advance to semifinals, 2nd and 3rd advance to quarterfinals)

Playoffs: May 8-12 (single elimination, best of three, top two qualify for Division 1)