Team Secret are just one series away from winning WePlay! Tug of War Mad Moon, with a combined game score of 8-1 so far in the event.

Despite getting a legendary entry in a cybertruck as they got onto the stage, VP couldn't crack Team Secret in the winner's bracket finals. Puppey's men scored a comfortable 2-0 win but there were nevertheless positive sides for fans of this new-look CIS side. They now avait their opponent in the grand final, which will either be a rematch against or another chance to go up against Nigma. With Secret already scoring wins against both sides earlier in the event, they have to be treated as the favorites to win the title.

Of course, VP and Nigma have already met each other in the Group B winners' match, with KuroKy's men (perhaps predictably) falling to secure the top seed after a 2-1 loss to Cooman and company. With a somewhat shakier run behind them so far, you'd expect the CIS side to score a repeat win and earn a chance for another shot at Secret in the grand finals.