What does Cliffteezy mean? If you were wondering about what is the Cliffteezy Dota meme, you've come to the right place. Arteezy, Evil Geniuses' legendary player, has a tendency to get stuck on cliffs at exactly the wrong time. This can lead to both hilarious and catastrophic moments in the servers. Check out the video above to learn more about Cliffteezy and read on to get some extra credit!

Who is Arteezy?

Artour "Arteezy" Babev is a Canadian Dota 2 player who is often referred to as the best carry by analyists and community members alike. A talented young prodigy who got his taste of top tier competition under the Evil Geniuses banner when the organization picked up his successful S A D B O Y S squad in February 2014. Since then, he's spent two short stints on Team Secret sandwiched between his three times on EG, where he's been an indispensable part of the side since September 2016.

His signature heroes are Arc Warden, Lycan and Terrorblade. His lifetime winnings exceed $2 million, with multiple deep runs at The International but no title win yet. He was the second player in Dota history to hit 9k+ MMR (on June 28 2016) and the third to cross the 10k+ barrier (August 6, 2017).

Famous Cliffteezy moments

Poor Artour has famously screwed over his team against Team Secret at the Shanghai Major in 2016 in the upper bracket semis after dying with two Rapiers after an... unfortunate encounter with Misery's Nature's Prophet. The Sprouteezy moments basically serve as the true seed of the Cliffteezy meme. Puppey's men quickly ran away with the game after that.

The very same tournament, Team Liquid made him suffer the same way in the lower bracket final, yet again consigning his side to defeat. As such, the grand final of the Shanghai Major was contested between the two teams that benefited from what could accureately be described as "just Cliffteezy things".

Three years later, at another Chinese Major, Arteezy got stuck outside of a fight yet again. That said, the reason Cliffteezy has become such a popular meme in the first place is because as much as this phenomenon is attached to the Uzbekistan-born legend, it can quite literally happen to anyone.

Then again, he is still the best at it, and makes sure to prove it to the whole wide world from time to time.

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