Jebaited is one of the most popular Twitch emotes in the world. If you always wanted to know what does Jebaited mean and where it comes from, you’ve come to the right place. This explanation will tell you everything you need to know about using Jebaited on the internet and Twitch chat.

What does Jebaited mean?

Put simply, Jebaited means you were “baited” or tricked into doing something, mostly in the context of playing video games. Sometimes it’s something in the game, or a streamer believing a troll in their chat during a broadcast. The simplicity of the term makes it usable in non-gaming contexts as well, though its meme appeal doesn’t exactly shine outside the Twitch community. Still, successfully trolling the crap out of someone on Reddit or elsewhere will often be followed by a plethora of JEBAITED comments to highlight the successful hijinks.

Where does Jebaited come from?

Jebaited is a Twitch emote based on a photo of Alex Jebailey, a prominent member of the fighting game community and the founder of CEO Gaming. The image shows him smiling in surprise, which is why it’s uniquely well-suited to signify successful bait or troll attempts. It was added as a global emote in September 2016, with the following popular copypasta following very soon in its wake:

Kappa outdated / Pogchamp overrated / Long have we waited / Now we Jebaited

Many variations of this copypasta – referring to players, teams or tournaments – have emerged over time, and the original was added to the Twitch Quotes database on September 23rd. 2016.

Some Twich connoisseurs also believe that the removal of gachiGASM is at least partially responsible for the growing popularity of Jebaited, though it has more in common with Kreygasm than this particular Twitch emote.