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March 19th, 2020

Who is the best aimer in Counter-Strike according to the pros and commentators in the scene? Who is the headshot master they would never want to face? Watch our video to find out who the premiere CS:GO pros consider the best player out there.

The best CS:GO aimer

We've asked some of your favorite CS:GO personalities about their opinions about the world of Counter-Strike. In this video, k0nfig, daps, Sean Gares and three surprise guests shared their thoughts with Rivalry about who the top aimers are in Counter-Strike. Will s1mple and ZywOo dominate the list, or will they give unexpected answers instead? It's a bit of both, especially when it comes to the people who speak at the end of the video!

Can Dignitas hang with the big boys? A player-by-player analysis

Who do you think are the top three aimers in Counter-Strike? Let us know at @RivalryGLHF!