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January 24th, 2020

Have you ever wondered who Arteezy Dota 2 is? You've come to the right place! You can find all you need to know about Arteezy here, including an explanation of the famous "Cliffteezy" meme he's known for!

Arteezy biography

Artour "Arteezy" Babev is a Canadian Dota 2 player who is often referred to as the best carry by analyists and community members alike. Artour joined a casual team called Take Five in September 2013 to participate in RaidCall EMS ONE Fall Americas. Despite winning the event, the team disbanded after the fact, and Arteezy's next competitive experience vaome in November as a stand-in for b0ne7 on Speed Gaming (his previous team) at MLG Columbus. He handily defeated several elite mid laners like Mushi and Dendi as they went on the win the event in shock fashion.

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The talented young prodigy who got his real taste of top tier competition under the Evil Geniuses banner when the organization picked up his successful S A D B O Y S squad in February 2014. Since then, he's spent two short stints on Team Secret sandwiched between his three times on EG, where he's been an indispensable part of the side since September 2016.

His signature heroes are Arc Warden, Lycan and Terrorblade. His lifetime winnings exceed $2 million, with multiple deep runs at The International but no title win yet. He was the second player in Dota history to hit 9k+ MMR (on June 28 2016) and the third to cross the 10k+ barrier (August 6, 2017).  In the Twitch community, he is known for his approachable style, odd taste of music and extremely high-level gameplay.

Arteezy tournament results

The most notable Arteezy tournament results are as follows:

  • August 2019: 5-6th at TI9 (losing to Team Liquid)
  • August 2018: 3rd at TI8 (losing to PSG.LGD)
  • August 2015: 7-8th at TI5 (playing on Team Secret, losing to VP)
  • July: 20143rd at TI4 (losing to Vici Gaming)
  • May 2017: 1st at The Manila Masters
  • October 2016: 1st at Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn
  • June 2015: 1st at ESL One Frankfurt
  • June 2015: 1st at MarsTV Dota 2 League 2016 Spring
  • May 2015: 1st at The Summit 3

You can check out the full list of Arteezy's tournament results on his Liquipedia page.

The Cliffteezy meme

What does Cliffteezy mean? If you were wondering about what is the Cliffteezy Dota meme, you've come to the right place. Arteezy, Evil Geniuses' legendary player, has a tendency to get stuck on cliffs at exactly the wrong time. This can lead to both hilarious and catastrophic moments in the servers. Check out the video above to learn more about Cliffteezy and read on to get some extra credit!

Poor Artour has famously screwed over his team against Team Secret at the Shanghai Major in 2016 in the upper bracket semis after dying with two Rapiers after an... unfortunate encounter with Misery's Nature's Prophet. The Sprouteezy moments basically serve as the true seed of the Cliffteezy meme. Puppey's men quickly ran away with the game after that.

There are many hilarious examples of the Cliffteezy phenomenon, which we've listed here for your viewing pleasure.

Photo credit: Valve / The International