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March 31st, 2020

Who is the best CS:GO player? Either s1mple or ZywOo are the players who come to mind nowadays, and we asked some of your favorite CS:GO pros and personalities about their thoughts on the matter and who is the better one overall.

Who is better: s1mple or ZywOo?

Of course, s1mple topped the HLTV top 20 charts in 2018 and pretty much changed our understanding of what's possible on the pro level of Counter-Strike, but it was ZywOo who took the crown in 2019, shattering all records when it comes to rookie seasons and impressive breakthroughs. Both players are the focal point of their teams' strategies and they've been consistently excellent for a long time now - but who is the better one out of the two as a whole?

We've asked some of your favorite CS:GO players and personalities for their opinions on s1mple and ZywOo, and some of their answers greatly surprised us. Check out the video to learn more!

Who is the best CS:GO player?

Of course, there are many more great Counter-Strike pros out there but many in the community consider s1mple and ZywOo better than most of them. Do you agree with this assessment? We've also asked some of the most accomplished CS players about the best AWPer in the game, and to no one's surprise, dev1ce also featured in that discussion.

Can ZywOo end up the same way as sergej?
I saw the future, and it’s s1mple

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