Today, we wanted to take a moment to let you know why we appreciate working with Fnatic and their CS:GO team so much.

CS:GO history will forever be intertwined with Fnatic. Their three-time Major-winning core and their explosive style is what we all remember from the years where the game truly took off. Three of their players from that era are still wearing the legendary jersey, going from plucky newcomers to grizzled veterans along the way. With five top four finishes in a row, they are now back in contention for the biggest titles in the world, right where they belong.

There are way too many incredible moments to choose from in their storied careers, but here are some of our favorites to remind you how long they go back and how often they made fools out of their opponents on the server:

Fnatic’s remarkable longevity and unique playstyle has brought them tons of admirers and just as many envious glances, which makes it all the more fun when they crush a tournament. This also made players like JW and flusha excellent villains who many love to hate, and KRIMZ the bedrock of consistency we all can look up to. It’s also their cooperation which lets us bring you awesome content like this (with more to come in the future!)

Fnatic was our first big partnership in the scene, and we’re really happy to work with one of the OGs of the esports world. We can’t wait to see what the future brings – their logo may be new, but our support will remain the same.