Rodrigo "Lelis" Santos is one of the most promising Dota talents out there and it was a no-brainer to join forces with him in a bid to create kickass Dota content.

Lelis’ career has already seen him play across multiple recognizable Dota rosters over the years, and his recent decision to join the Quincy Crew project should make NA Dota fans sit up in excitement. An explosive youngster with great potential in the servers, Lelis also has a formidable streaming based behind him, and his enjoyable content was a big part of why we embarked on a partnership.

Tune into Lelis’ streams to watch some pure marathon grinds over 9k MMR, which is one of the best ways to learn more about the game. Watching a professional player’s pub games makes it all the more exciting to cheer him on at the biggest Dota events, and can also provide you with a bunch of handy pointers when you decide to place a bet!

Check out Lelis’ Twitch stream below:

Photo credit: StarLadder