When it comes to the MMORPG genre, World of Warcraft has proven to be king for nearly two decades. Upon release, it was a massive success. The game redefined the entire MMORPG genre to what it is today.

With a huge player base measured in millions, timely updates, and a good plot, World of Warcraft outlasted many of its competitors. On November 28, 2022, WoW’s ninth expansion was released. Dubbed as Dragonflight, it was well-reviewed by critics and players alike, with many returning players that claimed massive improvements over the last one. It is one of the best updates in WoW history. Blizzard truly managed to create an evergreen game that has a future to come and many years to last.

WoW Guilds

World of Warcraft as a game itself offers many features which kept the gameplay interesting through all these years. But, as its genre suggests, it is recommended to be played with friends, be it from real life or the ones found in the game. The best way to keep in touch with friends is with wow guilds.

A new player may ask – what is a guild?

In short, a guild is an in-game association of players’ characters. New guilds are typically formed for easier grouping and raiding but can be formed for other purposes such as roleplaying, PvP, or simply for social purposes.

All in all, the main purpose of WoW guilds is to socialize with other players making the game much more entertaining.

Advantages of a Guild

Typically, a player in a good guild would reach the level of content that is usually not available for those who are not in the guild. Guildmates can provide more reliable information than acquiring it from general chat. Plus, they can also help with leveling, and hard quests, or simply provide protection against players from the hostile faction.

 On later levels, guild colleagues can also provide the opportunity to do high-level instances that can feature great loot. To top it all off, it has perks such as a guild bank that can help players with exchanging items more suited for their class and profession.

Is it Worth Joining a Guild in WOW?

With all perks mentioned, it’s quite obvious that joining a guild offers great benefits, asking for little to nothing in return. Guilds represent an in-game social factor and, because of that, it is one of the most important features of WoW, and one main factor why it made WoW a great and lasting game.

The experience of a guild can vary from one guild to another and its quality is entirely dependent on players. In other words, every guild is unique.

Joining a guild can be easy, but finding a guild with a great quantity and quality of players can be quite challenging. However, a new player should not be worried about it because they can always change their guild if the previous one was not meeting their expectations.

 Joining guilds is done by:

  • Checking WoW forums
  • Watching chat channels for recruiting messages
  • Using Guild finder to search for best guilds

Creating New Guild

Creating a new guild is simple. An ambitious player needs to talk to the guild master, an NPC that is located in a major city. A player has to buy a charter and four other players need to sign it. That’s pretty much it. The guild is created!

The player then has to choose its name and figure out what the guild tabard will look like. As it is mentioned, creating a guild may be a simple task, but being a proper leader can truly be a challenging one.

For starters, it is hard to gather people willing to listen and respect their leader's orders. That said, it is heavily recommended that the guild master is an experienced player, which will make others more likely to respect his decisions.

Best Raiding Guilds in WoW

Since WoW has a huge player base, it also has a professional scene that is large and very competitive. The main thing about this competition is raiding and it is one of the features that kept many players playing it all these years.

How come? It’s simple – raiding provides max-level characters a way to progress in power. Raids are very challenging instances that can provide massive rewards such as powerful loots and new mounts. 

Many players eagerly wait for new raids to test out their skills and gain precious new loot. But, for competitive raiding  - time is everything. The guild that clears the whole raid on the hardest setting before everyone else is the winner.

Competitive raiding is very unforgiving and time-consuming, it requires patience and steadfast determination to be at the top levels of this game. There are many competitive teams fighting to be the best ranked guild and claim the throne.

1. Echo

Currently, Echo sits at the pinnacle of raiding guilds. They are the best guild in WoW right now. Echo managed to clear Shadowlands raids remarkably fast and that put them in the first place.

Interestingly enough, Echo is created by former Method members that split from its guild. Although the guild is relatively new, they did not face any teething problems because members were already well organized and played with each other before this guild was even formed.

With their leadership having decades of experience and members' hunger to create a new name and legacy, it's no wonder they managed to claim the first place as the best guild in WoW.

In the latest tier, they managed to win first place in Sepulcher of the Old Ones, also the first place in the Sanctum of Domination, and second place in castle Nathria. 

2. Liquid

Team Liquid is considered to be the best team in the NA region. The guild was previously known under the name Complexity Limit. The interesting thing about them is that they originally played a different MMORPG called Wildstar.

But after its downfall, they switched to WoW to play competitively and soon managed to regularly hit top spots in WoW. They have a rivalry with Echo and are beloved by the community for their awesome streamers.

In the latest tier, they managed to win fifth place in Sepulcher of the Old Ones, second place in Sanctum of Domination, and First place in Castle Nathria.

3. Method

Previously, Method was one of the most famous raiding guilds to the point it was known even outside of the WoW circle. However, just recently, Method has fallen from grace and nearly disbanded over a sex scandal that made the guild lose sponsors. Many members left the guild and some even joined another raiding guild called Echo, which currently holds the number one spot on our list.

Since then, Method has overhauled its policies with the intent to reassure the WoW community that such a thing will never happen again. Still, the damage has been done and they are currently a shadow of what they previously were. Surprisingly, they performed well after all that shame and managed to be the third-best team in the world.

In the latest tier, they managed to win second place in Sepulcher of the Old Ones, fifth place in Sanctum of Domination, and seventh place in Castle Nathria.


BDGG or Big Dumb Gaming Golden Guardians is currently the second-best US guild after Liquid. BDGG was formed after the merger of two groups called Big Dumb Gaming and Golden Guardians. Both of those guilds were at the top in the US WoW community. Their name may suggest that they play poorly but the reality cannot be further from it. In fact, they have the ambition to be number one in the US.

Big Dumb Gaming Golden Guardians are currently the fourth-best guild in the world.

In the latest tiers, BDGG won fifth place in Sepulcher of the Old Ones, fourth place in Sanctum of Domination, and seventh place in Castle Nathria.

5. Skyline

After two guilds based in the US and two guilds based in the EU, this guild comes from Asia and it is considered to be the best raiding guild in its region. They are a very formidable team that always manages to be in the very top ten guilds in WoW, even though China gets patches two days later than the rest of the world, which can be quite challenging.

They are also very well known for their domination in Asia. Unfortunately, the background of their players is very little known. Currently, Skyline is the fifth-best in the world.

In the latest tiers, they managed to win a fifth place in Sepulcher of the Old Ones, tenth place in Sanctum of Domination, and fifth place in Castle Nathria.