Right after winning Gamers Galaxy Dubai 2022 and bagging the qualification to the Stockhom Major, BOOM Esports has become Southeast Asia’s most stellar team, earning praises here and there for their aggressive laning and calculated in-game decisions. 

Above all the attention the team is getting, Yopaj- - the team’s midlaner -  has been a consistent talk of the town. The three instances below show that Yopaj is not just anyone’s idol; he’s everybody’s idol and is looking strong to remain so in the future.

Other regions have taken notice of the splendid midlaner, and here are some of the most notable references to Yopaj, featuring iceiceice, Ceb, and CCnC.

Iceiceice: Yopaj is not yet the best, but he’s getting there

In a ONE Esports interview, Evil Geniuses’ offlane player Daryl “iceiceice” Koh has revealed his personal tier list of professional Dota 2 players from the Southeast Asia region. The list goes as follows:

S: Armel, Mikoto, inYourdreaM, Moon (Nana), ddz

A: Karl, ChYuan

A-: Yopaj

D: Fearless, Mac

G: Alacrity

Do you agree with iceiceice’s tier list?

Ceb’s Favorite Midlaner

The legendary two-time TI winner Sebastien “Ceb” Debs mentioned in his recent stream that Karl, Armel, and Yopaj as his favorite players from Southeast Asia, after being asked on his top players per region.

While he was transparent that he’s not that familiar with the SEA pro scene, it’s worth noting that Yopaj caught the attention of the TI veteran. Will they be able to face each other in a pro match soon? The future’s definitely exciting!

CCnC Stating About Southeast Asian Players Dominate Midlaner Position for Dota 2

In an interview with Esports.ID, Quincy Crew’s midlaner Quinn "Quinn" Callahan compared Yopaj with other regions’ prominent midlaners, with the likes of Nothingtosay and another Filipino midlaner Abed, who’s currently playing for Evil Geniuses in North America.

“Yes I always watch Nothingtosay and Abed play, I think they are both very good. I watch GPK play sometimes, Yopaj of course also good. I think Karl is also good in some ways. I think the team that finished top 6 at The International lastly had an amazing midlane player. Nisha is also very good in the midlane, it's cool to see him back in the mid. I love watching him play", explained CCnC.

Will we get to see a Yopaj and Abed midlane showdown in the coming Stockholm Major? If there will be, SEA fans are definitely up for an action-filled treat. 

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