Everything You Need To Know: CS2 CCT Global Finals 2024

Updated: May 24

The Counter-Strike 2 Champion of Champions Tour (CCT), brought to you by GRID, will soon round out Season 1, kicking off on May 16 with a massive $500K prize pool on the line! The top 16 best CS2 teams will compete, but only one will emerge as the ultimate Champion of Champions! 

Read on for the complete CS2 CCT Global Finals schedule, the competition format, all 16 teams competing, where fans can watch the action live, and other bonus information

CCT Global Finals 2024: Format

In terms of format, the CCT Global Finals 2024 will consist of 16 teams duking it out for the championship title and $500K prize pool. The tournament will consist of two parts, as the event begins with the Group Stage on May 16. 

Group Stage 

  • The 16 teams are divided into four groups with a double-elimination format 
  • Each group consists of four teams
  • The top two teams from each (eight in total) advance to the Playoffs. 


  • The eight teams compete in a single-elimination format
  • The Quarterfinals and Semifinals are best-of-three (Bo3)
  • The Grand Final is best-of-five (Bo5)

The maps played during the tournament will be Ancient, Anubis, Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, and Vertigo. 

CCT Global Finals 2024: Teams

Nine teams were pre-invited to compete in the Champion of Champions Tour Global Finals, while the remaining seven teams worked their way through Online Finals and Qualifier events to secure their place. 

Several former participants, FORZE Esports, Virtus.pro, Team Spirit, and ex-Preasy Esports have all dropped out of the tournament and have been replaced by the runners-up in their respective Online Finals. 

Without further ado, here are all 16 teams competing in the CS2 CCT Global Finals, including their player rosters by in-game IDs. 

  • Astralis: dev1ce, Staehr, stavn, jabbi, br0
  • BetBoom Team: nafany, KaiR0N-, s1ren, zrote, Magnojez
  • ENCE: dycha, gla1ve, Goofy, Kylar, hades
  • Fnatic: KRIMZ, afro, bodyy, matys, kyuubii
  • GamerLegion: volt, Snax, sl3nd, aNdu, FL4MUS
  • Team Liquid: NAF, YEKINDAR, skullz, cadiaN, Twistzz
  • OG: F1KU, k1to, Nexius, HeavyGod, MoDo
  • PARIVISION: Jerry, Patsi, ArtFr0st, Qikert, BELCHONOKK
  • SAW: MUTiRiS, rmn, ewjerkz, story, arrozdoce
  • Eternal Fire: XANTARES, Calyx, MAJ3R, Wicadia, woxic
  • Gaimin Gladiators: kraghen, Queenix, salazar, Nodios, Patti
  • AMKAL Esports: TARVIS, Forester, Krad, ICY, Sdaim
  • MIBR: exit, brnz4n, insani, drop, saffee
  • paiN Gaming: biguzera, lux, kauez, nqz, snow
  • BIG: tabseN, Krimbo, prosus, syrsoN, JDC
  • Aurora Gaming: Lack1, Norwi, KENSI, deko, r3salt

CCT Global Finals 2024: Schedule

The CCT Global Finals Group Stage and Playoff Quarterfinals will feature four matches per day for an action-packed tournament crammed into several days.

All matches listed below will be in BST, and match winners will be in bold. Bookmark this page to find the playoff schedule after the competing teams are decided.

CCT Global Finals: Playoffs

May 21 - Quarterfinals

  • 10:30 AM: Team Liquid vs. ENCE
  • 1:30 PM: Aurora Gaming vs. Astralis
  • 4:30 PM: Eternal Fire vs. BetBoom Team
  • 7:30 PM: AMKAL Esports vs. GamerLegion

May 22 - Semifinals

  • 11:30 AM: Team Liquid vs. Astralis
  • 2:30 PM: GamerLegion vs. Eternal Fire

May 23 - Grand Final

  • 2:30 PM: Team Liquid vs. Eternal Fire

CCT Global Finals 2024: Streams

All CS2 CCT Global Finals games between May 16 and May 23 will be live-streamed on the official CCT CS Twitch channel, which we have embedded below for your convenience. 

There are also Twitch streams available for Russia and Turkey

CCT Global Finals 2024: Overall Standings & Prize Pool Distribution


Team Name

Prize Money


Eternal Fire



Team Liquid


3rd - 4th

Astralis, GamerLegion


5th - 8th

ENCE, Aurora, BetBoom Team, AMKAL Esports


9th - 12th

SAW, Fnatic, paiN Gaming, MIBR


13th - 16th

PARIVISION, Gaimin Gladiators, OG, BIG


Final Thoughts

That's everything we know about the CS2 CCT Global Finals; which team will snag the lion's share of the $500K prize pool? Only time will tell. Watch this space as we'll update this article with all upcoming matches, match winners, and changes to the standings. 

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